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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Necrons vs Templars 1500pts.

So Saturday I played a game against a fellow Templar player and great painter, and faced the problem of not being able to play with my own Templars. My Eldar are really only starting up, so I didnt feel like playing a 1500 pts. game with so much proxies. I ended up taking my Necrons. I hadnt played with them for quite some time, and I decided to try something new (a lot of it inspired by Star God Fritz's work on his necron blog). Anyway here was my list

Deciever counter attack

Lord w/ destroyer body, scythe, orb and phylicatery planned to use him as a late turn contester

10 warriors
10 warriors
10 warriors

4 scarabs
4 scarabs these guys are my mainstay contesting units

Heavy Destroyer
Heavy Destroyer some actual anti tank, and late turn contesters

Monolith maybe for deepstriking on my opponents objective, or just to take care of the laundry

So what lol noob? No immortals? No destroyers? A C'tan? Well keep on reading.

My opponent had something like this.

Marshal (twin thunderhammers and terminator armour)
5-man terminator command squad w/ 2 assault cannons


Emperors Champion (Accept any challenge...)

5 Assault terminators ( 4 lightning claws, 1 thunder hammer) w/furious charge

5 Crusaders w/ plasmagun and plasmacannon

5 Crusaders w/ power fist and meltagun

Land Raider Crusader

Overhead is deployment. We rolled base-objectives.

Turn 1: Templars had first turn and he used it to move up his crusader and fire at the warrior squad containing my destroyer lord, killing 2.

On my turn I moved up the deciever and shot everything at that land raider. Now here is an important note: My two heavy destroyers didnt manage a scratch on that land raider, but the first 10-man squad of warriors tore through it, immobilising it (and possibly winning the game), so use the heavy destroyers to take out transports and light tanks, against high AV targets the probabilities of mass Gauss Flayers is way better than two lascannons ( and in that case, all I really needed was an immobilised result).

Turn 2: Assault terminators disembark and procede to charge the deciever. The rest of the army moves up. The Assault terminators only manage one wound on the star god, but recieve 3 wounds in return. They are however fearless and easily manage the two armour saves.

On my turn my Monolith arrives, and one of the Scarab squads. I deepstrike the Monolith next to the crusader squad with Emperors Champion and Grimaldus, who are dangerously close to my Necron warriors. I detach the Destroyer Lord from his squad and prepare to charge in (in the hopes of buying another turn). The Monolith template shoots wide, while all the gauss flayers rapid firing fail to do much. The Lord charges in, takes 1 wound from the Emperors champion, one from Grimaldus and than attempts to chop the Emperors champion in half. He fails miserably, not causing a single wound, and takes a power fist to the head. Conclusion: Don't charge a squad with a power fist, relic blade and angry chaplain.

Turn: 3 The crusader squad with EC and Grimaldus consolidate and charge the squad holding my objective. They slaughter the squad. My Deciever finishes off the assault terminators and consolidates towards the crusader squad up my arse.

On my turn I rapid fire the crusader squad once again. The Monolith template shoots wide (once again) and the Deciever charges in. He kills off the Emperor's champion and a few squad mates.

Turn 4: The Terminator command squad has now reached pretty much the center of the battlefield and are closing in on my warriors.The Deciever kills off all but Grimaldus in close combat.

On my turn I turbo-boost the first squad of scarabs up the left flank, and retreat with the warriors. My Monolith starts to shift towards the terminator command squad. Defying the laws of nature (aka probability) Grimaldus survives the Deviever's deadly attacks. Ofcourse he cant wound the god back.

Turn 5: The terminator command squad continues to advance managing to kill one of the heavy destroyers trying to make a run for it towards the templar objective. Somehow Grimaldus survives another round of CC.

On my turn the first squad of scarabs turboboosts to take the ruins, which was the templar objective. The second squad turbo boosts up the left flank, to prepare to move in on turn 6. I shoot everything I got at the terminator command squad, killing 3 termies.

We roll, and it goes on.

Turn 6: The Templar command squad still try to push on, while the crusaders holding the temlar objective charge, and kill off the scarabs. Grimaldus dies, but than in horror I realise he has a special rule allowing him to rise back EVEN if killed by instant death. He passes the LD check, and the deciever has been decieved.

On my turn Scarab squad #2 turbo boost to contest, meanwhile the monolith glides in between the command squad and my warriors. The remaining heavy destroyers turbo boosts up the left flank, prepared for contesting, if it goes to turn 7.

We roll....... and it goes on!

Turn 7: the crusaders charge the new squad of scarabs, but don't wipe them out. The terminator command squad tries in vain to start going around the Monolith. My Deciever dispatches the irritating chaplain with ease.

On my turn the deciever prepares to charge the terminator command squad, however in the shooting phase, I decide to force them to take a Leadership test. They fail it. Being a sport (and a god) I charge the terminators anyway. The heavy destroyer turbo boosts to contest the templar objective. The deciever dispatches the remaining terminator, but the Marshal strikes back with his twin thunder hammers and 5 attacks, and manages 3 wounds!. Suddenly my "god" is left with one remaining wound! Good thing that was the last close combat round of the game.

Game ends with Necrons winning 1-0

Although Heavy Destroyers arent that great, there is one reason why I'm holding back on switching them for destroyers. Heavy destroyers can act solo ( and so are a cheaper contester). For antitank the best way to STOP a tank is by rapid firing it. The best way to DESTROY a tank is by thrusting a warscythe into it, or letting the star god play with it.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Using decoy units

Alright after the last tournament I attended last weekend I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my thoughts on decoy units. I used a 8-man terminator squad and the emperors champion as the decoys of my rhino rush army. To act as a base I'm using one of the games I played at the tournament, but I've simplified it (I just want to make my point).

The game was base objectives with spearhead deployment. That is pretty much the perfect mission to bring rhino squads from reserve. The fact that you can bring units on from your entire table edge, means that your almost outflanking.

At the tournament you got more points for holding your opponents objective, so it made keeping units in reserve like even more sweeter.

Now here comes the important part. I could have elected to just reserve everything, but I believe that opponents than tend to deploy his or her forces to defend attacks from the entire board edge, So I depolyed my decoy unit of termies and my 3-man bike squad (all armed with meltaguns) to give my opponent an impression of where his or her enemies are.. Sorry this picture is missing the objectives.

I charged forward my termies, blasting the penitent engine, a chimera and most of it's occupants, being as intimidating as possible. My opponent had left one chimera in reserve. To make sure he wouldnt outflank me, I turbo boosted my bike into the far corner. He took the bait and drove up beside the bikes, deciding to try and flame them. The bikes and chimera would play cat and mouse up until turn 5. The guardsmen inside would have lost their chimera and only moved up 6" from the table edge. Yes the bikes are dead, but those guardsmen wouldnt be reaching any of the objectives in the last 2 turns.

When my reserves arrived, I deepstruck the dreadnought to take out the chimera which was going around the termies. The multimelta exploded the tank, and the sisters proceded to charge it (the superior had an eviscerator and there was a priest with an eviscerator). Since I would get more points for my opponents objective I brought 4 tanks up the right edge, and only one onto my own objective.

By the time my opponent ate through the distraction termies, bikes and dreads, he wuld be very out of place, and my templars would have overwhelmed the one guardsmen squad that was defending his own objective. He did deepstrike a unit of seraphim with a canoness next to my objective, blowing up the rhino and killing the guys, but due to the funny scoring system I still got 18 points out of the maximum 20.

This post is long and you may not agree with my points, but I've shared my thoughts.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

My new Eldar Project

Ok so after my weekend tourney I realised that my Templars had just about evolved to as good looking as they could. They were old used models, and I robably would have had to start from scratch. So I picked a new project. I've had these eldars for quite some time. I'm giving it a Exodite world theme, so I'll be maing a ten-man seer council out of the dark elf cold one riders. I'm mixing dark eldars and eldars for the rangers, to get a different feel, and I'm using a count as Eldrad, because I thought his divination would really fit with the nomadic theme. Here are some pics. Feel free to comment

Templars on display base

I thought I'd just add a picture of my templars on their display base, which I did for a tournament I attended last weekend. I finished sixth, which I'm really happy with, and was one of the runner ups for best painted army, but more on that soon. Anyway here is the picture of my rhino-rush templar build.

Monday, 19 October 2009

New Templar list


I've been toying around with a triple vindicator list but I have to admitt, I havent tried it on the field yet (all comments and criticism are welcome). Here's the 1500pts. list.

Emperors champion

no need for other HQ really

5 termies w/ assault cannons and tank hunters

5 termies w/ assault cannons and tank hunters

some of you may be asking: "why didnt you take cyclones with the tank hunters?"
I feel, that although expensive, these guys pack a punch to take out all those transports, I need out of the way of my vindicators. The assault cannon has more shots, and at str 7 (6+ tankhunters) and 4 shots, it's rather squashy.

5 Crusaders w/ missile launcher
rhino w/ extras and smokes

5 Crusaders w/ missile launcher
rhino w/ extras and smokes

rhinos with old smokes are almost impregnable for a turn, just the turn I need. The missiles are for taking out those pesky transports again.

5 Stormtroopers

5 Stormtroopers

Still took the cheap troops choices. TBH my opponents rarely care to target the stormtroopers, so the low squad size and bad stat line doesnt matter, they'll just stay in reserve come on my board edge and take the closest objectives.

Vindicator w/ power of the machine spirit

Vindicator w/ power of the machine spirit

Vindicator w/ power of the machine spirit

aaaah the sweet nectar, 3 big blasts that can shoot every turn unless, you damage the cannon or blow up the whole damn thing. yes they are 150 points each, but they do pack a punch.

So Thats it. Please leave your comments. Do you feel this has enough antitank? how about the highly low model count. Is the PoTMS on the vindicators too much? How about the tank hunters? As a side note, I really like the look of this list, and will test it on the battlefield asap. Maybe I can even gather a battlereport of it, but I'd love to play that testgame after you guys have given some input.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Templars vs Space Wolves 1500pts.

So, I got together with a fellow player (joona) to have a game against his wolves. I wasnt sure how the older templar codex would do against the puppies, but than again joona wasnt such a competitive player. By clicking the pics, the enlargen ':0.


Marshal with 4-man terminator command squad w/ 2 assault cannons

Emperors Champion

2x 5-man terminator squad w/ assault cannons

Ven. dread in drop pod w/multimelta

2x 5-man crusader squad in rhino

2x 5-man stormtrooper squad

Space Puppies:

Wolf Lord

Wolf Priest

Wolfguard /scattered into the GH squads

Lonewolf w/ 2 fenrisian wolves

8 Grey Hunters in rhino w/ lots of plasma

5 grey hunters in razorback w/ lots of plasma

10 grey hunters w/ lots of plasma

6 fenrisian wolves w/ cyberpuppy

6 skyclaws

5 longfangs w/ 2 plasmacannons, 2 heavy bolters

turn 1:

overhead is the deployment. We played with 5 objectives (hit-signs). Wolves had placed the long fangs in a nice ruin at the back of their zone, the fenrisian wolves and skyclaws were behind the main line of Grey Hunters. The Wolf priest was in the rhino (lefthand vehicle) and the wolflord was in the GH squad on foot. I forgot about the Lone-wolf he was by the hill.

I placed all my termie squads so that atleast half of them were in cover. The emperors champion was in the squad closest to the wolves. The rest of my army went in reserve.

The wolves kicked off the game by rushing my way. The skyclaws and fenrisians were circling around to the other flank at the back of the Wolves' table edge, with the razoeback moving infront of them. The lonewolf climbes the hill, while the rhino and GHs on foot head straight for the templars. The Longfangs realise that only one plasmacannon is in range, and that even he is just slightly to one of the assault cannon termies on the hill. His plasmacannon misses.

My command squad targets the lonewolf, killing his fenrisian pals. The rest fire at the closing rhino, only shaking it.

Turn 2:

The wolves keep moving forward. The skyclaws and fenrisians continue their flanking manouvre, while the razorback drives up to the objective and lets out the GH cargo. The longfangs shoulder their weapons and start moving down from the ruins.

My stormtroopers and one rhino arrive. The stortroopers run to the cover of the hill, and the rhino drives up behind the termies. My assault cannons target the razorback immobilising and shaking it.

Turn 3

The rhino drives up to the center objectives and the Grey hunters with wolfpriest disembark. The rapid fire at the termie squad without any characters attached, adn bring it down to the two assaukt cannons. The rest of the army keep redeploying/moving, and the skyclaws and fenrisians realise they are trapped, by the now immobile razorback, so much for a flanking manouvre!

My dread arrives via droppod and crashes in the center of the board, and the last rhino pushes up on my left flank. The rhino that arrived last turn drives up to hide behing the tower. The emperors champion switches to the termie squad that was just reduced to the assault cannons. My termies mass fire the grey hunters wittling it down to the wolf priest, power fist, wolfguard w/ frostblade and wulfen. The command squad shoots and kills the lone wolf. The emperors champion and the two termies charged the remaining GHs. The EC slew the wolfpriest, but took a hit to the head from the squad PF. The Frost blade wolf guard only did one wound, which was saved with the invulnerable, and the two termies proceded to hack the remaining GH. The consolidated 6" back to the line of termies.

Turn 4&5:
Forgot to make a pic of turn 4 :(

The wolf lord, and his retinue of grey hunters kept moving towards the templars, and the fenrisians and skyclaws piled behind the razorback. The small squad of Grey hunters holding the objective destroy the dreadnought with plasmafire.

I just pour fire into the Wolf Lord's squad bringing it down to five men.

The Grey Hunters with wolf lord decide to hide behind the rhino (still dont understand why). The longfangs finally take a shot, and manage to bring the terminator command squad down to just the power sword termie and marshal.

On my turn the rhino behind the tower makes a move for the wolf held objective firing smokes.
The two assault cannon termies shoot and assault the rhino, wrecking it. The other terminator squad and the two stormtrooper squads pour fire into the GHs behind the rhino, bringin it down to just the wolflord. My Marshal along with the terminator sergeant charge and finish off the wolf lord. It's 2-1 for the templars. We roll.... and it continues.

Turn 6: The skyclaws leap over the immobilised razorback and prepare to charge my rhino. The GHs behind them try to shoot it with plasma, but the old smoke launchers save me yet again. The skyclaws fail to hit the rhino in assault.

On my turn I tank shock my rhino onto the objective. My last full man termie squad charges the skyclaws and annihlates it.

Turn 7 was really me just mopping up.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Chaos renegade militia

Hi guys,
Havent managed to do much, but I picked up some crm from the uk GD and I've been absolutely hooked to them! Anyway here are the first five men. Click it!

Friday, 28 August 2009

Scarabs FTW

I know that this isnt gonna touch a lot of ppl, since necrons arent very popular, but after painting 12 scarab swarm bases i felt like talking a little tactics about them.

If you ask me scarabs are just perfect for fifth edition. They are 3-wound jetbikes and get +1 to cover saves, so on the turn they turboboost, they have a 2+ save. I like to use them in min 3 base squads, and keep them in reserve. Dont deep strike, as fun as that might sound you cant turboboost on the turn they come and thats bad. Then on turn five just zoom in to contest.

Another place where scarabs are really great is in tomb spyders. Only make one base per a spyder, to keep the toughness at 6. However the scarab get's easily coversaves in true-los, and if the scarab is in cover the unit is in cover. Another not so dramatic, but still fun thing with scarabs in spyder units is, IC can join them. Your destroyer lord has a unit to safely travel with until he reaches enemy lines, and can start scything.

Using scarabs with a destroyer lord only works to protect the lord from enemy fire imho. After delivering the lord into CC the scarabs should brake off, because the scarabs provide a soft target for the enemy in cc. By attacking the scarabs your enemy can cause more wounds and bye bye lovely destroyer lord. I'd rather use all the scarabs for contesting purposes, instead of using them as the destroyer lords bodyguard, but if you havent got a suitable other candidate, then the scarabs are certainly better than using expensive destroyers that dont even have the 2+ save.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

hot off the painting table

so I havent posted in quite some time, been really busy. Now finally I have the time to post some of the stuff I've been painting. First my swampy necron warriors.

And than my nightbringer. I gave my nightbringer líghtning eyes, it's a bad angle, but I'll upload a new pic from another angle as soon as I take it.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

BT Armylist

I've got a tournament coming up this weekend (over 50 gamers) and after getting the new bases painted, I thought I'd share the list. Here is a pic of the force (click it)

Emp. Champion: accept any challenge... 140pts.

Marshal: term. armour lightning claws, teleport homer 140pts.
term. command squad (4): 2 assault cannons 200 pts.

5 terminators: 2 assault cannons 240pts.

5 terminators: 2 assault cannons 240pts.

ven. dread: lascannon, extra, smokes, tank hunter 163pts.

5 crusaders: pistols ccw 80pts.
rhino: extra, smokes 58pts.

5 crusaders: pistols ccw 80pts.
rhino: extra, smokes 58pts.

5 stormtroopers 50pts.

5 stormtroopers 50pts.

1500 pts.

My question for you guys is: should I keep the storm troopers seperate, or merge them. There are missions with 4 and 5 objectives in the tournament, so I was considering trying to have as many scoring units as possible, but are they too weak. I've found that often with the terminator diversion, players never have time to attack the stormtroopers, and if the terminators are gone, than he'll focus on the rhinos, but it is quite a gamble.

Thank you Dragon Forge!

So I was lucky enough to win the resin base giveaway on Santa Cruz Warhammer, and this is a post to thank both Dragon Forge and Santa Cruz warhammer. I got the bases a few days ago and decided that some rebasing for my BT would be in order. I'd rebase my entire army with these bases if I had the money, but especially the heroic bases are great. The Heroic terminator base really helps set apart the marshal, and the bases are so detailed. Here are the bases after painting (click it)

Here are also some of the new bases on my Marshal and the dkok (which I'm using as storm troopers)

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Kult of speed

Hi there,

My most rcent army project is a wazdakka led kult of speed. I've been hard at work and finished the first biker mob and meganobz. I decided to paint them in goff colours (when you go black, there's no going back) even thou they are speed freaks. I was also planning on including Gazhkull to lead the nobz. Anyway here are the first pics. If you click the pick they'll enlargen.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Playing with lighting

Hey guys!

I was inspired by the cover of the DE codex to try out some different lighting effects on a DE warrior. I painted it so that his left side was covered in light, and to balance it out, the shadow side was given a green source lighting from the weapons power pack. I still need to base him, and I'm looking at making a few more of these, but here are some pics of him.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Beating the Horde with a water-army

Well after playing with the sword-brethen build for a couple of dozen games, I thought I'd share the experience with you guys. ATTENTION: When looking at the pics, click it, to see the entire battlefield. Here we have a battlefield, where my BT army is supposedly pitting off against a tyranid force. Now I dont have the tyranid codex, so this army is in no way excact, but you get the idea. Lots of genestealers and gaunts backed up by a good core of monstrous creatures and a squad of warriors. The game is lootcounters, with three objectives and we're playing table quarters. I deploy my terminators, but hold both of my rhinos in reserve. Now I also play 2 5man stormtrooper squads for cheap scoring units, and they are best kept in reserve out of harms way, but if you have LOS-blocking terrain then you can deploy a squad behind it. I've deployed one of the squads behind the ruins in my quarter.

Next in the first two turns you start moving back, keeping in the 24" range to pump out shot's, but not letting the nids into combat, where in those numbers they would overrun me. WHen you're reserves arrive, remember you can use your entire table edge, I've brought one of the rhino's from the farmost right flank, sometimes I bring both of them on, playing a refused flank. The dread in the pod drops down to protect the rhino, but mainly to distract. A ven. dread with extra armour is a real pain in the arse and with the old smokes, I can stretch it one turn further.

now around turn 3 you want to start your counter attack, at this point your 24 assault cannon shots a turn will have taken down a few of the monstrous creature, taking away the teeth of the army. My terminators all have 3 attacks on the charge with prefferred enemy and power fists, that really hurts, so once the armour ignoring enemies are neutralised you can charge in. If you wait too long with this, you wont be able to get back the ground you lost in the retreat, which means you gave your opponent a free win. Now I've blown smokes on both of my rhinos (and since they are the old ones the rhinos wont be wrecking) if they are immobilised than I run the squad up to the objective and contest without the rhino, but if they are contesting inside the rhino, that will buy them an extra turn. The dread heads off the tie the closest threats, since its a ven, actually destroying it, even with a monstrous creature will take a few combat rounds. The terminators push the enemy back, making way for the storm troopers to run onto the objective. If the objective was in cover, I'd throw them to the ground. I normally put the EC in one of the squads to give it ld10 and two extra wounds (with a 2+ save).

Hopefully the game ends with you contestinf two of the objectives with the tankshocking rhinos and holding one with the storm troopers

This works against footslogging Horde-CC armies, like Orks or nids, but also against armies like an infantry Berserker army.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Imperial Guard Hellhound variants

I managed to get a game in with my Krieg, and I think I found a rather nice list. It's central feature is using the speed of the devil dog. At first glance the bane wolf seems like certainly the best variant of the hellhound, the devildog being a weird melta-thingy, but after testing the truth with the bane wolf is, once you commit it, you kill it, 'cause the range of the chemical cannon. The devil dog, instead, can buzz around 12" and fire 24", the blast is ap2 and str8 so it chews up MEQs quite nicely, to top it off since they are fast, they make perfect objective snatchers. So my final list includes a fast element of 6 of these, some deepstriking stormtroopers with meltas (although being expensive, they are the only deepstriking unit in the army, unless if you buy a valkyrie for the unit, which in turn would be more expensive) sly marbo and a solid core of camo-cloak vets. Cam-cloak vets, because they can go to the ground on my objective and watch my forces close in for 5th turn contesting. Also the Daemonhunter's tournament package(as I like to call it) for those drop pod spam and twin lash armies is a nice buy. 1 inquisitor lord w/ psychic hood, 2 mystics and a servo skull (for being so cheap) fits the role, only for 85 points (yes you have to buy the inquisitor lord, 'cause the basic inquisitor has a ld8, not good with the psychic hood). Here is the list in all it's glory:

Commissar Lord


Inquisitor Lord: bolt pistol, ccw, psychic hood.
2 mystics


5 stormies
2 meltas


5 stormies
2 meltas









2 devildogs
1 w/ smokes


2 devildogs


2 devildogs


total: 1500 points

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Finished Death Korps of Krieg

So I based the first squad of dkok, but I think I'll add some more debris and stuff, I'm going for a
stalingrad theme with the army. Here is a closeup of one of them.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

My Death Korps of Krieg

So here is the problem. I have 50 of these beautifully sculpted dkok minis but I just dont feel right about the codex. I really liked the move and fire ability of my BT terminators, but I dont know how to make a similar reactive force for the guard. I'd like some help. Have you guys got any ideas?

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Sword Brethen Build

So last week I decided to attend a local tournament with a BT Terminator heavy build. I was surprised at how well it did. I lost only one game and that was against a twin lash n Obli list, which ended up winning the tournament. The main reason why the build did so well, was the fact that the termies still get two assault cannons into their 5-man squads. Here is what I had.

Emperors champion


4-man terminator command squad
2 assault cannons

2x 5 terminators
2x 2 assault cannons

5 crusader in rhino

5 crusader in rhino

6 crusaders with drop pod

2 Typhoons

The only squad that didnt perform was the typhoons, except when one of my nidzilla opponents tried to sneak up with 2 6-man squads of genestealers. There my typhoons ripped both squads, more than making up for their points, but that was also a little bad play by my opponent. I think I'm gonna switch it to a ven. dread with multimelta in a drop pod to work as a distraction unit. Hopefully the multimelta will take that tank with the ap2 ordance and after that every shot it soaks is away from the terminators. Anyway the amount of assault cannons and storm bolters meant that I could put a lot of shots at 24". Always reacting to the enemy and keeping a good distance between me and my opponent they really managed to maul the enemy, after which they moved in to charge with their power fists (and prefferred enemy). The terminators can move in surprisingly fast, with their righteous zeal special rule.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

How I play the Black Templars.

So I thought that it would be fun to right a little on the things I've learned playing my BT. First I'll start with HQ:

The Emperors Champion is a surprising killing machine. When I first looked at his profile I saw the 2 attacks, and gasped in horror. However after playing a few games I realised just how good he is at character killing. All you need to remeber is to always take the vow: Accept any challenge, no matter the odds. I'll get back to how the vow effects the army later, but it gives the emperors champion himself a huge boost. When you get to re-roll hits he will probably hit with those 4 attacks on the charge, and with 2+ to wound against most opponents, he'll wreak some havoc.

The commander hq choice (marshals and castellans) still have the old space marine commander rule giving the rest of the army their leadership. This is very useful for BT, who dont have sergeants to boost ld and have to take tests every freaking time a single brother dies. The chaplain isnt such a boost if the army has selected the vow above, since his re-rolls to hit are already covered by preferred enemy. BT dont have librarians.


A special unit springs to my mind immediately: Assault terminators. With preferred enemy and lightning claws they re-roll everything in closecombat. Top that with furious charge and they are devastating.

A small note should go to the dreads. They are the older model and can be kitted with the old venerable upgrade. When I have the points I give my missile-lascannon dread venerable and tank hunters, to knock some antitank power, but this is expensive.


Well there is only one squad type: crusader squads. The benefits of scouts and marines being in combined squads, is to get some cheaper bodies in there. Also you have the chance of fielding 20-man squads. Crusader squads even get land raider crusaders as dedicated transports, however you should never do this unless if you run out of slots. See dedicated transports cant transport any other unit then the unit it was bought for (the book is full of 4th ed rules like that). Crusaders cant have sergeants, but instead of a heavy weap they may upgrade one model to have a pw or pf. With the PF you should bear in mind that the model will only get 2 attacks on the charge and 1 in latter rounds. Get that preferred enemy!!! Heavy bolters are only 5 points in the crusader squads for a reason. Since the unit always has to move if it is fired at ( and they pass their ld test) you wont be having a very fixed gunline. However since the rule in the codex refers to the rules for consolidation in the rulebook (in which the distance moved is optional), you only have to move 1". This might still pose a problem when trying to hold objectives. I mount my crusader squads into rhinos with pistols and ccws and hope the rhino doesnt blow up, snatching objectives on the last turns by tank shock.


They suffer from the old dedicated transport rule as stated above, but have a huge advantage from cheap extra armour and old smoke launchers. The old smokes almost guarentee the rhino wont be blown up for a turn (unless you opponent is firing everything at it to force enough immobilised and weapon destroyed results).

Fast attack:

This sections is similar to that of the 4th ed space marines. I should however point out that assault marines can buy storm shields (old weaker ones ofcourse). The bike squads can buy either 3 special weaps or three power weaps (but no sergeants again).

Heavy support:

The laind raider are unfortunately a little dull now that you have the new shining vanilla raiders. Blessed hull can save you sometimes. The main problem with the HS section is that its missing whirlwinds and devastators. Ofcourse the devastators would be impractical with the BT's hot temper, but I really love whirlwinds.

So hear is a small breakdown of the codex (I know I've only scratched the surface, but I tried to bring up my views). Also a list of what I like to field at 1500 points.

Emperors champion (you know the vow already?)

8 assault termies

missile-lascannon ven. dread

4 crusader squads (small 5 man)
with rhinos

(they are jawaballs style snatching units)

2 typhoon speeders

Predator destructor

Im thinking of kitting the typhoons with multimeltas to add antitank punch, but I usually keep them back to wait until the last turns and then contesting objectives, so the multi-melta wouldnt fit that role, but some meltaguns to the crusader squads would be a way to go probably.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

New Guard

Today I picked up the new guard 'dex. I had read it quite a few times at my LHS but getting it home I really had a chance to read all the special rules. I just realised how damn good sanctioned psykers are now.

The battle psykers have 2 powers, 1 makes a large blast (str equal to amount of models in unit) and the other weakens enemy ldr. Both are range 36".

The primaris psyker can either do 2d6 str 6 ap 5 hits, or obscur the unit the psyker is with (enemies must pass a ld check or they wont shoot at all).
I played a game with my dad using three full units of battle psykers (thats 10-man squads) and a primaris psyker (a hq choice). I used a solid block of infantry to drain all the enemy fire, than I used my 3 griffons, valkyrie and psykers to dish out 8 large blasts a turn, than I started usin the other psyker power, that drops the target unit's ld by the amount of psykers in the squad. Combining that with the griffons and rocket pods, I managed to flee enemy units off the board for losing 3 guys (and the units fleeing were tooled up ig vets). All this time I had a 20 man infantry mob and a 35-man conscript mob sinking enemy fire. In the end I called the second wave with the conscripts (giving my dad a kill point) and lost 1 psyker squad, winning the game 7-2 (killpoints).

Sunday, 12 April 2009

1500 points Mech Black Templars

Here is my finished mechanised Black Templar army that I made for the Finnish GT. I gathered tactics and ideas from Jawaballs and from the dozen testgames I played and this is the finished product. It has 3 small basic squads in rhinos, a command squad with outflank to distract my opponent or kill the scoring unit from a base objective that the opponent thought was safe (denying him an objective). For firesupport I have a ven dread with las, missile and tank hunters, a predator destructor and 2 land speeder typhoons. The army is small, but it wasnt a big problem in the games I played, you just cant get tied up in major assaults, instead try to snatch objectives and go for easy kills. I'll be posting some of my tactics and things that I'd do better in my army. But for now I'll just show the pics.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Enginseer, emperors champion and marshal

I just made this commission enginseer, an emperors champion based on sicarius and a converted Marshal, so I thought I'd put it on here aswell. Enjoy!
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