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Friday, 28 August 2009

Scarabs FTW

I know that this isnt gonna touch a lot of ppl, since necrons arent very popular, but after painting 12 scarab swarm bases i felt like talking a little tactics about them.

If you ask me scarabs are just perfect for fifth edition. They are 3-wound jetbikes and get +1 to cover saves, so on the turn they turboboost, they have a 2+ save. I like to use them in min 3 base squads, and keep them in reserve. Dont deep strike, as fun as that might sound you cant turboboost on the turn they come and thats bad. Then on turn five just zoom in to contest.

Another place where scarabs are really great is in tomb spyders. Only make one base per a spyder, to keep the toughness at 6. However the scarab get's easily coversaves in true-los, and if the scarab is in cover the unit is in cover. Another not so dramatic, but still fun thing with scarabs in spyder units is, IC can join them. Your destroyer lord has a unit to safely travel with until he reaches enemy lines, and can start scything.

Using scarabs with a destroyer lord only works to protect the lord from enemy fire imho. After delivering the lord into CC the scarabs should brake off, because the scarabs provide a soft target for the enemy in cc. By attacking the scarabs your enemy can cause more wounds and bye bye lovely destroyer lord. I'd rather use all the scarabs for contesting purposes, instead of using them as the destroyer lords bodyguard, but if you havent got a suitable other candidate, then the scarabs are certainly better than using expensive destroyers that dont even have the 2+ save.

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