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Monday, 19 October 2009

New Templar list


I've been toying around with a triple vindicator list but I have to admitt, I havent tried it on the field yet (all comments and criticism are welcome). Here's the 1500pts. list.

Emperors champion

no need for other HQ really

5 termies w/ assault cannons and tank hunters

5 termies w/ assault cannons and tank hunters

some of you may be asking: "why didnt you take cyclones with the tank hunters?"
I feel, that although expensive, these guys pack a punch to take out all those transports, I need out of the way of my vindicators. The assault cannon has more shots, and at str 7 (6+ tankhunters) and 4 shots, it's rather squashy.

5 Crusaders w/ missile launcher
rhino w/ extras and smokes

5 Crusaders w/ missile launcher
rhino w/ extras and smokes

rhinos with old smokes are almost impregnable for a turn, just the turn I need. The missiles are for taking out those pesky transports again.

5 Stormtroopers

5 Stormtroopers

Still took the cheap troops choices. TBH my opponents rarely care to target the stormtroopers, so the low squad size and bad stat line doesnt matter, they'll just stay in reserve come on my board edge and take the closest objectives.

Vindicator w/ power of the machine spirit

Vindicator w/ power of the machine spirit

Vindicator w/ power of the machine spirit

aaaah the sweet nectar, 3 big blasts that can shoot every turn unless, you damage the cannon or blow up the whole damn thing. yes they are 150 points each, but they do pack a punch.

So Thats it. Please leave your comments. Do you feel this has enough antitank? how about the highly low model count. Is the PoTMS on the vindicators too much? How about the tank hunters? As a side note, I really like the look of this list, and will test it on the battlefield asap. Maybe I can even gather a battlereport of it, but I'd love to play that testgame after you guys have given some input.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Templars vs Space Wolves 1500pts.

So, I got together with a fellow player (joona) to have a game against his wolves. I wasnt sure how the older templar codex would do against the puppies, but than again joona wasnt such a competitive player. By clicking the pics, the enlargen ':0.


Marshal with 4-man terminator command squad w/ 2 assault cannons

Emperors Champion

2x 5-man terminator squad w/ assault cannons

Ven. dread in drop pod w/multimelta

2x 5-man crusader squad in rhino

2x 5-man stormtrooper squad

Space Puppies:

Wolf Lord

Wolf Priest

Wolfguard /scattered into the GH squads

Lonewolf w/ 2 fenrisian wolves

8 Grey Hunters in rhino w/ lots of plasma

5 grey hunters in razorback w/ lots of plasma

10 grey hunters w/ lots of plasma

6 fenrisian wolves w/ cyberpuppy

6 skyclaws

5 longfangs w/ 2 plasmacannons, 2 heavy bolters

turn 1:

overhead is the deployment. We played with 5 objectives (hit-signs). Wolves had placed the long fangs in a nice ruin at the back of their zone, the fenrisian wolves and skyclaws were behind the main line of Grey Hunters. The Wolf priest was in the rhino (lefthand vehicle) and the wolflord was in the GH squad on foot. I forgot about the Lone-wolf he was by the hill.

I placed all my termie squads so that atleast half of them were in cover. The emperors champion was in the squad closest to the wolves. The rest of my army went in reserve.

The wolves kicked off the game by rushing my way. The skyclaws and fenrisians were circling around to the other flank at the back of the Wolves' table edge, with the razoeback moving infront of them. The lonewolf climbes the hill, while the rhino and GHs on foot head straight for the templars. The Longfangs realise that only one plasmacannon is in range, and that even he is just slightly to one of the assault cannon termies on the hill. His plasmacannon misses.

My command squad targets the lonewolf, killing his fenrisian pals. The rest fire at the closing rhino, only shaking it.

Turn 2:

The wolves keep moving forward. The skyclaws and fenrisians continue their flanking manouvre, while the razorback drives up to the objective and lets out the GH cargo. The longfangs shoulder their weapons and start moving down from the ruins.

My stormtroopers and one rhino arrive. The stortroopers run to the cover of the hill, and the rhino drives up behind the termies. My assault cannons target the razorback immobilising and shaking it.

Turn 3

The rhino drives up to the center objectives and the Grey hunters with wolfpriest disembark. The rapid fire at the termie squad without any characters attached, adn bring it down to the two assaukt cannons. The rest of the army keep redeploying/moving, and the skyclaws and fenrisians realise they are trapped, by the now immobile razorback, so much for a flanking manouvre!

My dread arrives via droppod and crashes in the center of the board, and the last rhino pushes up on my left flank. The rhino that arrived last turn drives up to hide behing the tower. The emperors champion switches to the termie squad that was just reduced to the assault cannons. My termies mass fire the grey hunters wittling it down to the wolf priest, power fist, wolfguard w/ frostblade and wulfen. The command squad shoots and kills the lone wolf. The emperors champion and the two termies charged the remaining GHs. The EC slew the wolfpriest, but took a hit to the head from the squad PF. The Frost blade wolf guard only did one wound, which was saved with the invulnerable, and the two termies proceded to hack the remaining GH. The consolidated 6" back to the line of termies.

Turn 4&5:
Forgot to make a pic of turn 4 :(

The wolf lord, and his retinue of grey hunters kept moving towards the templars, and the fenrisians and skyclaws piled behind the razorback. The small squad of Grey hunters holding the objective destroy the dreadnought with plasmafire.

I just pour fire into the Wolf Lord's squad bringing it down to five men.

The Grey Hunters with wolf lord decide to hide behind the rhino (still dont understand why). The longfangs finally take a shot, and manage to bring the terminator command squad down to just the power sword termie and marshal.

On my turn the rhino behind the tower makes a move for the wolf held objective firing smokes.
The two assault cannon termies shoot and assault the rhino, wrecking it. The other terminator squad and the two stormtrooper squads pour fire into the GHs behind the rhino, bringin it down to just the wolflord. My Marshal along with the terminator sergeant charge and finish off the wolf lord. It's 2-1 for the templars. We roll.... and it continues.

Turn 6: The skyclaws leap over the immobilised razorback and prepare to charge my rhino. The GHs behind them try to shoot it with plasma, but the old smoke launchers save me yet again. The skyclaws fail to hit the rhino in assault.

On my turn I tank shock my rhino onto the objective. My last full man termie squad charges the skyclaws and annihlates it.

Turn 7 was really me just mopping up.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Chaos renegade militia

Hi guys,
Havent managed to do much, but I picked up some crm from the uk GD and I've been absolutely hooked to them! Anyway here are the first five men. Click it!
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