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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Random Charge Distance: The Pros


Especially when 6th came out, a lot of people were discouraged by the newly added mechanic, random charge length. Many people point to how it makes assault units unreliable, nerfing cc armies. However, there are also some good sides to it. How has random charge distance changed the nature of cc units/armies?

Premeasuring allows us to decide just how far away we want to be from a given target. When you are playing a cc unit, how far away does your opponent come with his troops? Does he go for the safety of 18.1"? Probably not, but how close would you go? I think a lot of people see 16" as a fairly safe distance. The charging unit needs to roll 10 on his 2d6 to make it into combat. But lets compare this to threat ranges in 5th. A basic infantry unit had a threat range of 12". It was a sure 12" but it is still clearly less then 16". CC units in 6th make strong area denial units, because your opponent will generally prefer to avoid coming too close, even if the risk of actually getting charged isn't so big.

This doesn't mean that a pure cc list is epic winning, but a combination of cc threats and shooting is very viable. I'd say you generally want a cc unit that can still provide range firepower (shoota boys are hot in 6th). I tried experimenting with foot th/ss. It sure provides are denial, but is too much points for what it's bringing. If the cc unit has a larger threat range (jump infantry, beasts etc.) then It's even better. Perhaps then having a dual function as a shooting unit is not as important (e.g. spawns, wraiths, scarabs).

In a game where are control generally wins you the mission, cc units are still very potent. The nature of cc units has somewhat changed for sure, but in a supporting role cc units are important, and got a nice boost in 6th imo. On top of that, the new way assaults work in 6th are very interesting, and the assault phase is imo the most interesting one.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Orks/Eldar 1.85k list for tournament

wip rats for the horde.

Suddenly my space rats have multiplied! I've been working out what I wanted to play at the upcoming ETC Finland Invitational Tournament. Pretty soon I hit upon a green tide, working out different kinds of allies for them. I played around with nullzone + a thss squad. A little extra reach with biomancy buffs and nullzone incase I run into daemons. However, this is what the final list looks like.

PLAYER NAME: Aleksi Lehtiö
HQ1: Big Mek, kustom force field, warlord = [85pts]
ELITE1: 9 Lootas = [135pts]
ELITE2: 9 Lootas = [135pts]
ELITE3: 9 Lootas = [135pts]
TROOPS1: 28 Ork Boyz, shootas, 2 big shootas = [178pts]
TROOPS2: 28 Ork Boyz, shootas, 2 big shootas = [178pts]
TROOPS3: 28 Ork Boyz, shootas, 2 big shootas = [178pts]
TROOPS4: 28 Ork Boyz, shootas, big shoota = [173pts]
TROOPS5: 10 gretchin, runtherd = [40pts]
TROOPS6: 10 gretchin, runtherd = [40pts]
HS1: 3 Big Gunz, lobbas, 3 ammorunts = [84pts]
HS2: 3 Big Gunz, lobbas, 3 ammorunts = [84pts]
SECONDARY DETACHMENT: Codex Eldar (desperate allies)
HQ1: Eldrad Ulthran = [210pts]
TROOP1: 5 Eldar Rangers = [95pts]
Aegis Defence Line, quad gun = [100pts]
TOTAL = [1850pts]

Desperate allies have their place. The key thing is to work ways around one eye open. Infiltrate is nice for that. Eldrad gives you alot. psydefence, doom, misfortune. We'll see how it goes, the tourney's next weekend.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Potential vs Probability


I've talked a lot about probability and how important it is when building a list and making decisions in game. However, potential is something that is often more difficult to interpret, because it relies on you going against the expected value.

Potential has less of a significance in list building but there are certain cases in which it can be utilised. Generally units that rely on potential are referred to as fear factor units, and it is the basis of deathstars. Deathstars in itself don't go against the expected value, they have the ability to dish out a lot of damage and soak up some in return. However, if you consider the entire game as one big probability tree, relying on single units can start to turn slightly risky. That's why nobody advocates pure deathstar lists, you always need supporting units. This leads to an interesting playstyle. We can take the American ETC 2012 Ork list as an example (I believe the guy also won the ESC). It's a green tide with a big squad of nob bikers and warbosses. He forces his opponent to deal with the deathstar (and pretty fast) whilst the 120 or so boys push up and are still a problem to your opponent. Your opponent has to destroy that unit because it has the potential to rip his entire army apart.

This can also be utilised on a smaller scale with units such as leman russ executioners or shokk attack guns. They aren't so crazy, but still something your opponent has to play against (e.g. spread out his units to minize the amount of hits) because they can potentially harm him pretty bad. It's a fine line between having a good potential unit and a shit army. Still, it's good not to be too fixated on pure probability.

In game decision making is even more linked with potential. There are always the "easier" options, and I see people often advocating destroying the easy targets first with target priority. However, in my opinion the probability of success should always be contrasted with the benefit of a given outcome. I played a game against Jabbdo a couple of days ago where I forced a morale test on his destroyer lord and immortals. He failed ld10 twice in a row and ran off the table. Then I was able to use his scarabs as a springboard for troops and coupled with deepstriking reserves I was suddenly all over his objectives. The destroyer lord and 10 extra immortals might have made all the difference. Now I was able to win with max points.

It wasn't very likely that he would fail ld 10 twice in a row, but what did I lose by trying? A couple of random shots that probably would have killed the same amount of models from other units. It's good to know your probability but you shouldn't read it like the bible. There are other factors that should be weighing in on your decisions.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

NEC+GK: Project New Dawn


With my own models, speedpainting is my best friend. Lately I've been thinking about a necron + gk list. It's kinda hard to justify fluff wise an ordo xenos inquisitor allying with necrons. He's just some radical inquisitor. Here's the list.

PLAYER NAME: Aleksi Lehtiö
HQ1: Vargard Obyron, warlord = [160pts]
TROOP1: 10 Necron Immortals, tesla carbines = [170pts]
TROOP2: 10 Necron Immortals, tesla carbines = [170pts]
TROOP3: 10 Necron Immortals, tesla carbines = [170pts]
TROOP4: 5 Necron Warriors = [65pts]
FA1: 6 Canoptek Scarabs = [90pts]
HS1: Annihilation Barge, tesla cannon = [90pts]
HS2: Annihilation Barge, tesla cannon = [90pts]
HS3: 2 Canoptek Spyders = [100pts]
HQ1: Ordo Xenos Inquisitor, rad grenades, psychotroke grenades, psychic communion = [85pts]
ELITE1: Psyker, 2 Warrior Acolytes = [18pts]
TROOP1: 10 Strike Marines, 2 psycannons, psybolt ammunition = [240pts]
FA1: 10 Interceptors, 2 psycannons, psybolt ammunition = [300pts]
Aegis Defence Line, quad-gun = [100pts]
TOTAL = [1848pts]

A couple of things I've been thinking of. First, it's always a good thing to have some blasts. This is something people were already saying in 5th, but with random charge distances short range infantry would really rather bunch up to get everything in range, trying to minimize the risk of getting charged. Blasts can hurt that. Second, I have the interceptors and obyron's squad that can move up t1 pretty much anywhere and go for first blood. I'm really mainly worried with how the list will cope with proper flyer spam. Played one game against a ba double raven list but my quad gun exploded one raven when they entered and my opponent couldn't roll 2d6 armour pen with his multimelta, so the game ended pretty brutally. Need to do some further testing but I like the moblity (for firstblood, linebreaker and to counter tanking characters). It also has some interesting elements, not being too one dimensional (even though it's a pretty clear shooty list).

Thursday, 18 October 2012

How many flyers should I take?

Pic has nothing to do with the post this time, but another comissioned Ultramarine model I did.

Still haven't played enough 6th but after a big tournament in Finland (Turku Fanatic) something can be said about the meta we have and how we could possibly counter it. This led me to thinking about flyers. Flyers were in 2 of the top three armies (the third army being Joo-o with his 27 or so screamers).

In my opinion, if you have an army that can deal with flyers without having any flyers of its own, you're in a much better position to win the game. 3 decked out gunboat gk stormravens dish out a lot of shots, but you probably have 1-2 turns time to shoot at the other guy when he has less stuff on the table. This means that 100% of your army is fighting about 50% of your opponents. If you can put a dent in him in the early turns you might be at an advantage.

The problem is that most lists in Turku Fanatic were not very active early in the game. I was actually talking about this with a fellow ETC player today, considering DE Venomspam as a pretty nice counter to the current meta. This means that most players will want to go second and that flyer armies aren't hit hard early on when they still don't have their stuff on the table. Consider more mobility. Consider, dare I say, transports. Just do what GK did in 5th. Drive up 6" and disembark 6". You're more likely to be in range early on. Or if you can, buy long ranged weaponry. I might be completely wrong but I thought I should write up something after being awol for so long, and wanted to add a new point of view for the internet. 

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

On 6th Ed Armylists


So, after a few (yet not nearly enough) games of 6th and some thinking I thought I'd throw out a couple of thoughts. Mainly on how 6th has changed what we should be bringing into our lists. This is not an absolute truth, just how I see 6th at the moment.

I talked about how transports had taken the role of gunboats in 5th. IMO, they don't cut it in 6th. There are a couple of reasons. First off, they're non-scoring and non-denial. Basically, this means that if your opponent's list can shrug off those shots that you're putting out, that vehicle is doing almost nothing. There are some things that vehicles are still good at (road blocks and losblock if you're not xenos) but they are certainly not what they used to be. Second, a cheaper tank (rhino) can do those same two things (road and losblock) for cheaper. Ofcourse, transports are also begging to give away first blood (which can be a crucial victory point). I don't see MSU thriving like it did in 5th, because the infantry won't survive without tanks and with tanks half of your 1+1 concept isn't committing 100% into the game.

That's not to say that some tanks wouldn't be useful. High AV vehicles or indirect weapons might even become more popular in 6th. Just remember not to spend too many points on them. Flyers are ofcourse very good, but there is the issue of how many to take. I personally am not as convinced with going all out. What happens when you hit a mirror match? Both of you flat out into ongoing reserves as neither wants to give the other the alphastrike. Eventually the guy who's going second will get it. On the other hand, if you take enough flyers to put a dent in your opponent's airplanes, maybe just enough to cause some damage and slow them down in a dogfight, you can have more points dedicated to ground forces and thus "win out" on holding your airforce in reserve. Your opponent will have to bring his stuff on first.

It's difficult to say which is really better in the current game system, shooting or CC. However, I'd say that more codices are equipped to build strong shooting lists compared to CC lists. Some armies can make pretty brutal assault armies (I really have faith in daemons) but most armies have clearer avenues for shooty lists. Certainly, shooting is still easier and demands less commitment, but antitank CC and new wound allocation can make CC lists very viable.

Finally, when thinking about your armylist, go through the entire codex, unit by unit. The new edition can have made surprising units viable again (I have great faith in Eldar Support Weapons). You also might not want to take mephiston into every BA list. A second HQ is almost a must, so that mephiston isn't your warlord and that really adds a pretty steep hidden cost. Don't be afraid to try new things. I am, and failing every now and then.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Commission Work: Ultramarines Command Squad

Talked with a couple of other painters and am gonna try something with the bases, but other then that, they're pretty much done.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

DE/ELD 1750 portal list

Played one game with a version of this list against GKs (coteaz, psyker psycannon inquisitor, 20 purifiers, 6 chimeras with 4 plasma squads and 3 dreads) and won by 8 victory points (big guns never tire). This is just one of those lists that the internet will instantly call crap and hate. It really doesn't look great on paper, but it's very entertaining to play. You have to get all the pieces to slot in together to make the most out of it. Still, I'm sure the list is gonna see a lot of tuning once I start to learn it better.

HQ1: Archon (60) shadowfield (30), webway portal (35), power axe = [140pts]
HQ2: Archon (60) shadowfield (30), webway portal (35), Warlord = [125pts]

TROOP1: 10 Wyches (10*10), haywire grenades (10*2) = [120pts]
TROOP2: 10 Kabalite Warriors (10*9), splinter cannon (10) = [100pts]
TROOP3: 5 Kabalite Warriors (5*9) = [45pts]
TROOP4: 5 Kabalite Warriors (5*9) = [45pts]

HS1: Voidraven Bomber (145), flickerfield (10) = [155pts]
HS2: Voidraven Bomber (145), flickerfield (10) = [155pts]
HQ1: Eldrad Ulthran (210) = [210pts]

ELITE1: 10 Harlequins (10*18), troupe master (20) with power axe (0), 5 harlequin kisses (5*4), shadowseer (30) with harlequin kiss (4) , death jester (10) = [264pts]

TROOP1: 10 Wraithguard (10*35), warlock (25) with conceal (15) = [390pts]
TOTAL = [1749pts]

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Suppression fire and 6th ed.

From a game at the ESC in Poland. Got back a week ago and it's been hectic. Hopefully, I'll be able to do a write up on the ETC trip soon. But 5th ed is finally over for me and I can start concentrating on 6th. Now I'll just throw out a couple of quick thoughts.

Suppression fire was very popular in 5th ed. The basic idea was to generate as many low strength shots as possible to force a crew shaken or stunned result. A glancing hit was just as good as a pen when you were simply looking to reduce your opponent's fire power. This also meant you could deal with more targets as destroying every tank was not necessary. But how about in 6th ed?

Glancing hits don't cause results, meaning that the amount of damage you can generate reduces drastically. They do take hull points off, isn't that great? Well, it only has an effect once you destroy the tank. Many people are saying that low strength high rate of fire weapons are the proper antitank tools in 6th. But you are basically being forced to destroy the vehicle. You won't get anything back from shooting at those targets before they're dead. This means you can deal with less targets.

Penetrating hits are the only way to shake/stun vehicles. I bet low av gunboats will slowly fade away but stuff like predators will still be viable. Do you really wanna shoot at it until you strip off 3 hullpoints? I'm thinking most lists will need a certain amount of high strength shots (preferably > 8) to throw at gunboats that you want silenced but not necessarily destroyed. If you explode the vehicle, then that's even better. But it's probably more economic to throw high strength shots at some targets, compared to stripping their hullpoints.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Hammerhead finale tomorrow, last 5th ed tournament


 Tomorrow they are holding the finale for a series of tournaments that have gone by the name of Hammerhead 400,00. They prize in the finale is 400 euros (that's where the name comes from), which is insane on a Finnish scale. Since my etc list got swapped at the last minute (a player dropped, another took crons and I'm playing the Space Wolves) I'm gonna play the wolves at the tourney. They're using the ESC rulespack so it should be good practice. It's also my last 5th ed tourney, except the ETC of course. Anyway, a new runepriest, his chooser of the slain and a new weapon loadout on the dread is pictured above.

PLAYER 5: Aleksi Lehtiö

HQ1 : Rune Priest (100) Living Lighning (0) Jaws of the World Wolf (0) Chooser of the Slain (10) [110]
HQ2 : Rune Priest (100) Murderous Hurricane (0) Jaws of the World Wolf (0) [100]

Elite1 : Dreadnought (105) assault cannon (0) twin-linked autocannon (10) [115]
Elite2 : Dreadnought (105) assault cannon (0) twin-linked autocannon (10) [115]
Elite3 : 4 Wolf Guard (4*18) 4 Combi-Meltas (4*5) 4 Power Fists (4*20) (each with 1 combi-melta and 1 power fist) [172]

Troop1 : 5 Grey Hunters (5*15) meltagun (5) wolf standard (10) in Transport1 [90]
Troop2 : 5 Grey Hunters (5*15) meltagun (5) wolf standard (10) in Transport2 [90]
Troop3 : 5 Grey Hunters (5*15) meltagun (5) wolf standard (10) in Transport3 [90]
Troop4 : 5 Grey Hunters (5*15) meltagun (5) wolf standard (10) in Transport4 [90]

FA1 : 2 Thunderwolf Cavalry (2*50) power fist (25) [125]
FA2 : 2 Thunderwolf Cavalry (2*50) power fist (25) [125]
FA3 : 2 Thunderwolf Cavalry (2*50) power fist (25) [125]

HS1 : 5 Long Fangs (5*15) 4 missile launchers (4*10) [115]
HS2 : 5 Long Fangs (5*15) 4 missile launchers (4*10) [115]
HS3 : 5 Long Fangs (5*15) 4 missile launchers (4*10) [115]

Transport1 : Rhino (35) dozer blade (5) transporting Troop1 [40]
Transport2 : Rhino (35) transporting Troop2 [35]
Transport3 : Razorback (40) transporting Troop3 [40]
Transport4 : Razorback (40) transporting Troop4 [40]

TOTAL : [1847pts]

Monday, 30 July 2012

6th edition independent characters and unit durability


A little thought on 6th ed and CC. There are certainly ways in which CC was nerfed but I'd say CC still has it's advantages. However, the role of characters in CC changed quite drastically. With the new wound allocation system you can greatly increase the durability of a unit. The key is moving into base contact with the right initiative group, so that you can maximize the amount of wounds you get to take on the character.

Whereas before players would just try to bypass Gazzy's 2++ by attacking the squad, if you chuck him in a squad of meganobz and position him right, THSS termies will realize that they aren't the kings they used to be. Similarly, you can increase the durability of glasshammer units like incubi by throwing in a shadowfield or Urien Rakarth. Bikes will probably be pretty popular nowadays as that +1 toughness makes you survive power fists without ID. Necrons probably pull this trick off best:

HQ1: Necron Overlord (90), Warscythe (10), Sempiternal weave (15), Phase shifter (45), Mindshackle scarabs (15) = [175]
HQ2: Necron Overlord (90), Warscythe (10), Sempiternal weave (15), Phase shifter (45), Mindshackle scarabs (15) = [175]
HQ3: Royal Court = [40]
Cryptek (25), Harbinger of Eternity (0), Chronometron (15)
HQ4: Royal Court = [40]
Cryptek (25), Harbinger of Eternity (0), Chronometron (15)

Elite1: 10 Lychguards (10*40), Warscythes (0) = [400]

It's just freaking expensive. The biggest problem is when your opponent has multiple initiative groups. Generally you'll probably see a single fist and then i4 marines. I'd try to block out the i4 marines, but with 2 characters you can ofcourse block out both. You can also force a challenge or make him not strike at all. MSS are really good in challenges. Ofcourse, your opponent should be trying to add as many initiative steps into combats as possible, possibly with an i5 character, i4 marines and a fist. Characters are still a good counter to many popular units (like THSS and mass power weapon squads). I got so excited I decided to write a list.

HQ1: Necron Overlord (90), Warscythe (10), Sempiternal weave (15), Phase shifter (45), Mindshackle scarabs (15) = [175]
HQ2: Necron Overlord (90), Warscythe (10), Sempiternal weave (15), Phase shifter (45), Mindshackle scarabs (15) = [175]
HQ3: Royal Court = [90]
3 Crypteks (2*25), Harbinger of Eternity (0), Chronometron (15), 2 Harbingers of Storm (0)
HQ4: Royal Court = [90]
3 Crypteks (2*25), Harbinger of Eternity (0), Chronometron (15), 2 Harbingers of Storm (0)

Elite1: 10 Lychguards (10*40), Warscythes (0), transport 1 = [400]

Troops1: 5 Immortals (5*17) = [85]
Troops2: 5 Immortals (5*17) = [85]
Troops3: 5 Immortals (5*17) = [85]
Troops4: 5 Immortals (5*17) = [85] 
Troops5: 5 Warriors (5*13) = [65]

FA1: 5 Scarabs (5*15) [75]
FA2: 5 Scarabs (5*15) [75]
HS1: 3 Spyders (3*50), gloom prism (15) = [165]
HS2: Annihilation Barge (90) = [90] 
HS3: Annihilation Barge (90) = [90]  

Transport1: Night Scythe (100), Elite1 = [100]

Total = [1845] 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Fast n Slow marines for 1st 6th ed tournament

Tomorrow is my first 6th ed tournament and I've decided to break out the Novamarines. It's 1500 points so many have opted not to take any allies, as have I. Psydefense is a problem, but I think this is an ok list. It's also simple enough that I can hopefully finish games on time, as I can focus on playing and remembering a little less new rules.

A couple of swaps. I've ditched the relic blade, going for a power axe instead on the captain. I decided to take a missile for the scouts instead of buying a fist for him. I've also taken meltabombs on the biker sergeants and captain, 'cause they are way better in 6th. Meltaguns got swapped for plasmaguns to better deal with 2+ saves. I think I still have enough melta for 1500 points (2 multimeltas and 3 meltabombs).

PLAYER NAME: Aleksi Lehtiö
ARMY DESCRIPTION: Codex Space Marines

HQ1: Captain (100), storm shield (15), power axe (15), artificer armour (15), meltabombs (5), bike (35) [185pts]

Elite1: Dreadnought (105), twin-linked autocannon (10), twin-linked autocannon (10) [125pts]
Elite2: Dreadnought (105), twin-linked autocannon (10), twin-linked autocannon (10) [125pts]
Elite3: Dreadnought (105), twin-linked autocannon (10), twin-linked autocannon (10) [125pts]

Troop1: Bike Squad (90), 5 additional bikers (5*25), 2 plasmaguns (2*15), attack bike (40), multimelta (10) meltabombs (5) [300pts]
Troop2: Bike Squad (90), 1 additional biker (25), 2 plasmaguns (2*15), attack bike (40), multimelta (10), meltabombs (5) [200pts]
Troop3: Scout Squad (75), missile launcher (10), camocloaks (5*3) [100pts]

HS1: Predator (60), lascannon sponsons (60) [120pts]
HS2: Predator (60), lascannon sponsons (60) [120pts]
HS3: Thunderfire Cannon (100) [100pts]

TOTAL: [1500pts]

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Thoughts on other ETC 2012 Necron lists

                                         I love this image
Everybody's already talking about 6th ed but I've had one game of 6th and about a dozen of 5th after the release, so I'm still gonna talk about 5th. Surely somebody will be interested in ETC lists? I've been hard at work evaluating Necron lists from other countries for the benefit of our team. I'll just share a couple of general thoughts.

The lists seem to divide into scarab farms and wraithwing (with some pewpew like annihilation barges), about 50/50. What are the benefits of each? Well, scarab farms have to be very careful when they do get into combat, because most of their units are fearless, and scarabs can bleed out a lot of combat resolution. Wraithwing just chucks 18 wraiths at the enemy and doesn't quite have the same problem. Scarab farms have the benefit of more cc antitank, and they deal with land raiders a little better (although you'll realise that many wraithwing have command barges). IMO scarab farms are very robust at the task they are given (I'll leave it to you to decide which army we want to pair our scarab farm against). Wraithwing lists have more pewpew, and so are more balanced choices. Now you can't evaluate etc necron lists without having a look at the man who played necrons at the etc for years, alone, with the old necron codex. He plays for team Russia.


PLAYER 6 : Mikhail "LLlyT" Ulitin

HQ1: Imotekh the Stormlord [225pts]
HQ2: Destroyer Lord (125) with Warscythe (0), Sempiternal Weave (15), Mindshackle Scarabs (20), Resurrection Orb (30) [190pts]
HQ3: Royal Court [100pts], include:
Cryptek (25) as Harbinger of Despair (5) with Veil of Darkness (30) [60pts]
Cryptek (25) as Harbinger of Eternity (0) with Chronometron (15) [40pts]
Troop1: 5 Necron Warriors [5*13=65pts]
Troop2: 10 Necron Immortals (10*17=170) with Gauss Blasters (0) [170pts]
Troop3: 5 Necron Immortals (5*17=85) with Tesla Carbines (0) [85pts]
FA1: 6 Canoptek Wraiths (6*35=210), 2 Particle Casters (2*5=10), 3 Whip Coils (3*10=30) [250pts]
FA2: 8 Canoptek Scarabs [8*15=120pts]
FA3: 8 Canoptek Scarabs [8*15=120pts]
HS1: 3 Canoptek Spyders (3*50=150), 1 with Fabricator Claw Array (10), 1 with Gloom Prism (15) [175pts]
HS2: 3 Canoptek Spyders (3*50=150), 1 with Fabricator Claw Array (10), 1 with Gloom Prism (15) [175pts]
HS3: 3 Canoptek Spyders (3*50=150), 1 with Fabricator Claw Array (10), 1 with Gloom Prism (15) [175pts]

TOTAL : [1850pts]


Pretty similar to Finland's list :P. The veiltek is nice, I considered that myself. Especially in cleanse missions it can be awesome. I personally don't like his troops slot. I feel that very many players wanted to make use of Imothek's phaeron special rule, but that ended up weakening their lists. Gauss Blasters need to be at 12" to really be better then tesla. Sure, gauss means you can glance any tank, but too unreliable (now that we have a new book, we can spoil ourselves with better antitank :D). You don't want to be at 12" and to me tesla immortals are the best. I also feel that the wound allocation on the wraiths is a little silly, but he probably added the pistol with left over points. I suppose the res orb on the destroyer lord is for the option to leave the wraiths and join a troops choice towards the end of the game. If it's just for the 4+ everliving on the D-lord, it's pretty expensive.

There is one scarab farm list I want to mention. I've played a couple of games with this list and I really like it. The Swedish necron list.


PLAYER 5: Daniel Hesselberg (Captain)
HQ 1: Imotekh the Stormlord [225pts]
HQ 2: Nemesor Zandrek [185pts]

Royal court 1: 2 Cryptek (50),
* Harbringer of destruction (0), elderich Lance (10), solar pulse (20)
* Harbringer of eternity (0), eaonstave (0), chronometron (15) [95pts]

Royal court 2: 1 Necron lord (35), war scythe (10), mindshackle (15) [60pts]

Troop 1: 10 Necron immortals (170), Gaussblasters (0) [170pts]
Troop 2: 5 Necron immortals (85), Tesla carbine (0) [85pts]
Troop 3: 5 Necron immortals (85), Tesla carbine (0) [85pts]
Troop 4: 5 Necron warriors (65), Gauss flayer (0) [65pts]

Fast 1: 5 Canoptek wraiths (175), 1 Whip coil (10) [185pts]
Fast 2: 10 Canoptek scarabs [150pts]
Fast 3: 3 Canoptek scarabs [45pts]

Heavy 1. 3 Canoptek Spyders (150), 1 Gloom Prism (15) [165pts]
Heavy 2. 3 Canoptek Spyders (150), 1 Gloom Prism (15) [165pts]
Heavy 3. 3 Canoptek Spyders (150), 1 Gloom Prism (15) [165pts]

Total: [1845pts]


Once again, the gaussblaster immortals are debatable, but with zandrek giving them tank hunter, you do gain an ap value and are not just looking to surppress. Anyway, zandrek is pretty awesome. Giving your wraiths counter attack or scarabs tank hunters is really sweet. He's also got a mss lord, albeit only one (and not say also a destroyer lord). I feel the solar pulse is really not necessary, but I guess it's nice insurance. All this goodness costs and the spyders are missing full allocation. IMO, that is really the only clearly bad thing in this list. The scarab squads should be noted aswell. The big 10-man group is really nice to either look for a t1 charge (with 19 bases) or to string out, giving you an immense threat range straight from the start. Overall, this list is a lot more fun to play then a basic scarab farm list, and it isn't necessarily worse. Very nice list.

Finally, I'll look at a wraithwing list, this is from team Germany.


PLAYER 8: Fritz "LTT" Peters

HQ1: Imothek the Stormlord (225) = [225] in Transport 1
HQ1b Royal court: 2 Cryptek (50),
* Harbringer of destruction (0), elderich Lance (10), solar pulse (20)
* Harbringer of eternity (0), eaonstave (0), chronometron (15) [95pts]
HQ2: Vargard Obyron (160) = [160]

Troop 1: Immortals (5x17=85), Tesla Carbines = [85 pts]
Troop 2: Immortals (5x17=85), Tesla Carbines = [85 pts]
Troop 3: Immortals (5x17=85), Tesla Carbines = [85 pts]
Troop 4: Immortals (5x17=85), Tesla Carbines = [85 pts]

Fast Attack 1: Canoptek Wraiths (6x35=210), 2 Particle Caster (2x5=10), 2 Whip Coils (2x10)
= [240]
Fast Attack 2: Canoptek Wraiths (6x35=210), 2 Particle Caster (2x5=10), 2 Whip Coils (2x10)
= [240]
Fast Attack 3: Canoptek Wraiths (5x35=210),1 Particle Caster (1x5=5), 2 Whip Coils (2x10)
= [200]

Heavy Support 1: Annihilation Barge, Tesla Cannon (1x90=90) = [90 pts]
Heavy Support 2: Annihilation Barge, Tesla Cannon (1x90=90) = [90 pts]
Heavy Support 3: Annihilation Barge, Tesla Cannon (1x90=90) = [90 pts]

Transport 1: Catacomb Command Barge, Tesla Cannon (=1x80) = [80]

TOTAL [1850pts]


I like his troops slot :). Obyron is a really nice touch. You get a decent overlord level character to go in the command barge and swing with a warscythe, and you get a veil. I like it when people come up with interesting choices. I just wonder why he's gone with the 2+2+2 even spread with wound allocation. Having one wound allocation group of a single model is great. First, you take small arms fire saves on him until he is at 1 wound, and then you can take ID wounds on him even though you already have taken some wounds. With 2+2+2 the worst case scenario is that you have to take a full wound model out even though you had wounded models in your allocation groups.
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