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Saturday, 20 October 2012

NEC+GK: Project New Dawn


With my own models, speedpainting is my best friend. Lately I've been thinking about a necron + gk list. It's kinda hard to justify fluff wise an ordo xenos inquisitor allying with necrons. He's just some radical inquisitor. Here's the list.

PLAYER NAME: Aleksi Lehtiö
HQ1: Vargard Obyron, warlord = [160pts]
TROOP1: 10 Necron Immortals, tesla carbines = [170pts]
TROOP2: 10 Necron Immortals, tesla carbines = [170pts]
TROOP3: 10 Necron Immortals, tesla carbines = [170pts]
TROOP4: 5 Necron Warriors = [65pts]
FA1: 6 Canoptek Scarabs = [90pts]
HS1: Annihilation Barge, tesla cannon = [90pts]
HS2: Annihilation Barge, tesla cannon = [90pts]
HS3: 2 Canoptek Spyders = [100pts]
HQ1: Ordo Xenos Inquisitor, rad grenades, psychotroke grenades, psychic communion = [85pts]
ELITE1: Psyker, 2 Warrior Acolytes = [18pts]
TROOP1: 10 Strike Marines, 2 psycannons, psybolt ammunition = [240pts]
FA1: 10 Interceptors, 2 psycannons, psybolt ammunition = [300pts]
Aegis Defence Line, quad-gun = [100pts]
TOTAL = [1848pts]

A couple of things I've been thinking of. First, it's always a good thing to have some blasts. This is something people were already saying in 5th, but with random charge distances short range infantry would really rather bunch up to get everything in range, trying to minimize the risk of getting charged. Blasts can hurt that. Second, I have the interceptors and obyron's squad that can move up t1 pretty much anywhere and go for first blood. I'm really mainly worried with how the list will cope with proper flyer spam. Played one game against a ba double raven list but my quad gun exploded one raven when they entered and my opponent couldn't roll 2d6 armour pen with his multimelta, so the game ended pretty brutally. Need to do some further testing but I like the moblity (for firstblood, linebreaker and to counter tanking characters). It also has some interesting elements, not being too one dimensional (even though it's a pretty clear shooty list).


  1. Looks good! Looking forward playing against this!

  2. How have Spyders worked for you? I have played couple (5-10) games with necrons and now im wondering where to continue my list..

    What unit you run Obyron with? Immortals?

  3. Yea obyron generally runs with immortals. He is a great buy. Coupled with the interceptors (I also have a rhino for the strike squad in later versions of the list) I get some nice first turn push when going first. He can also join the scarabs if I need bubblewrap and veil out if any are left so that my army can shoot the enemy.

    Spyders add some nice counterassault element to the list. The scarabs have been great and the spyders add to their threat range. The problem really is that annhilation barges are pretty awesome and tomb spyders take away a crucial slot. I'd still say that 2 annhibarges and 2 spyders is good.

  4. What would you add to list if you played mononecron? Flyers and wraiths? What you think about necron elite section, i saw from Warhead pic that you had Ctan and Triach Stalker on your list, how did they work out? What C'tan powers you prefer to use? Just trying to get some tips and tricks for necrons :P

  5. I played a funky list in turku fanatic, wouldn't say it was an optimised list :D. Stalkers are good if you're already maxed on troops, otherwise extra immortals are a better buy. C'tans are really just ok and need a monolith to hide behind, destroyer lords generally do it better. The best elite slot is prob deathmarks coupled with despairteks in a scythe. They can nuke a squad when they come in but require double court and are maybe a little expensive. If going pure crons, i'd probably take more teslamortals in scythes for rapid deployment and some wraiths. That should give you a nice allround force but a little boring :D. Shoot me a list and I'll tell you what I think


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