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Thursday, 18 October 2012

How many flyers should I take?

Pic has nothing to do with the post this time, but another comissioned Ultramarine model I did.

Still haven't played enough 6th but after a big tournament in Finland (Turku Fanatic) something can be said about the meta we have and how we could possibly counter it. This led me to thinking about flyers. Flyers were in 2 of the top three armies (the third army being Joo-o with his 27 or so screamers).

In my opinion, if you have an army that can deal with flyers without having any flyers of its own, you're in a much better position to win the game. 3 decked out gunboat gk stormravens dish out a lot of shots, but you probably have 1-2 turns time to shoot at the other guy when he has less stuff on the table. This means that 100% of your army is fighting about 50% of your opponents. If you can put a dent in him in the early turns you might be at an advantage.

The problem is that most lists in Turku Fanatic were not very active early in the game. I was actually talking about this with a fellow ETC player today, considering DE Venomspam as a pretty nice counter to the current meta. This means that most players will want to go second and that flyer armies aren't hit hard early on when they still don't have their stuff on the table. Consider more mobility. Consider, dare I say, transports. Just do what GK did in 5th. Drive up 6" and disembark 6". You're more likely to be in range early on. Or if you can, buy long ranged weaponry. I might be completely wrong but I thought I should write up something after being awol for so long, and wanted to add a new point of view for the internet. 

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  1. Word. This is pretty much what bothered me playing an army with a light air asset, you'd like that stuff being there from the beginning to concentrate the firepower when you still have the planned deployment structure.

    Thanks for the insight!


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