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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Orks/Eldar 1.85k list for tournament

wip rats for the horde.

Suddenly my space rats have multiplied! I've been working out what I wanted to play at the upcoming ETC Finland Invitational Tournament. Pretty soon I hit upon a green tide, working out different kinds of allies for them. I played around with nullzone + a thss squad. A little extra reach with biomancy buffs and nullzone incase I run into daemons. However, this is what the final list looks like.

PLAYER NAME: Aleksi Lehtiö
HQ1: Big Mek, kustom force field, warlord = [85pts]
ELITE1: 9 Lootas = [135pts]
ELITE2: 9 Lootas = [135pts]
ELITE3: 9 Lootas = [135pts]
TROOPS1: 28 Ork Boyz, shootas, 2 big shootas = [178pts]
TROOPS2: 28 Ork Boyz, shootas, 2 big shootas = [178pts]
TROOPS3: 28 Ork Boyz, shootas, 2 big shootas = [178pts]
TROOPS4: 28 Ork Boyz, shootas, big shoota = [173pts]
TROOPS5: 10 gretchin, runtherd = [40pts]
TROOPS6: 10 gretchin, runtherd = [40pts]
HS1: 3 Big Gunz, lobbas, 3 ammorunts = [84pts]
HS2: 3 Big Gunz, lobbas, 3 ammorunts = [84pts]
SECONDARY DETACHMENT: Codex Eldar (desperate allies)
HQ1: Eldrad Ulthran = [210pts]
TROOP1: 5 Eldar Rangers = [95pts]
Aegis Defence Line, quad gun = [100pts]
TOTAL = [1850pts]

Desperate allies have their place. The key thing is to work ways around one eye open. Infiltrate is nice for that. Eldrad gives you alot. psydefence, doom, misfortune. We'll see how it goes, the tourney's next weekend.

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