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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

DE/ELD 1750 portal list

Played one game with a version of this list against GKs (coteaz, psyker psycannon inquisitor, 20 purifiers, 6 chimeras with 4 plasma squads and 3 dreads) and won by 8 victory points (big guns never tire). This is just one of those lists that the internet will instantly call crap and hate. It really doesn't look great on paper, but it's very entertaining to play. You have to get all the pieces to slot in together to make the most out of it. Still, I'm sure the list is gonna see a lot of tuning once I start to learn it better.

HQ1: Archon (60) shadowfield (30), webway portal (35), power axe = [140pts]
HQ2: Archon (60) shadowfield (30), webway portal (35), Warlord = [125pts]

TROOP1: 10 Wyches (10*10), haywire grenades (10*2) = [120pts]
TROOP2: 10 Kabalite Warriors (10*9), splinter cannon (10) = [100pts]
TROOP3: 5 Kabalite Warriors (5*9) = [45pts]
TROOP4: 5 Kabalite Warriors (5*9) = [45pts]

HS1: Voidraven Bomber (145), flickerfield (10) = [155pts]
HS2: Voidraven Bomber (145), flickerfield (10) = [155pts]
HQ1: Eldrad Ulthran (210) = [210pts]

ELITE1: 10 Harlequins (10*18), troupe master (20) with power axe (0), 5 harlequin kisses (5*4), shadowseer (30) with harlequin kiss (4) , death jester (10) = [264pts]

TROOP1: 10 Wraithguard (10*35), warlock (25) with conceal (15) = [390pts]
TOTAL = [1749pts]


  1. I guess all the DE units apart the archons go in reserve. Eldar fortunes the 2 eldar units which are joined by the archon.

    It's sounds interesting and I will reserve full judgement till I read some battle reports with it. I'm guessing it will be great in the relic and 1 objective each mission, but struggle with spaced out multiple objectives due to the speed and range of the 2 eldar mini deathstars.


  2. Did you see the Nova results. 6th in open was DE/eldar with 2 talos and a cronos. Go figure. I need to play more and talk/write less.

  3. @ Rathstar: Yea multiple objectives are gonna be problematic. Pretty much every time you can stack a majority in one place, but this list lacks reach and is thus more limited. Luckily, tanks aren't such an issue anymore IMO.

    @ Miika: I pretty much haven't looked at any results from Nova (u don't need to read the results to know that Tony won). I have to check that DE list out. I think this list works best in multiple objective missions (such as Turku).

  4. I really dig your way of creating your own builds and finding a personal path. This roster sure looks interesting, will be following the development and battle prowess. ;) Ready to take on Fanatic with this one?

  5. thx. With only one game down it might be a little early to promise anything, but this is the list I'm trying to tune up for Fanatic.


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