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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Necrons vs Templars 1500pts.

So Saturday I played a game against a fellow Templar player and great painter, and faced the problem of not being able to play with my own Templars. My Eldar are really only starting up, so I didnt feel like playing a 1500 pts. game with so much proxies. I ended up taking my Necrons. I hadnt played with them for quite some time, and I decided to try something new (a lot of it inspired by Star God Fritz's work on his necron blog). Anyway here was my list

Deciever counter attack

Lord w/ destroyer body, scythe, orb and phylicatery planned to use him as a late turn contester

10 warriors
10 warriors
10 warriors

4 scarabs
4 scarabs these guys are my mainstay contesting units

Heavy Destroyer
Heavy Destroyer some actual anti tank, and late turn contesters

Monolith maybe for deepstriking on my opponents objective, or just to take care of the laundry

So what lol noob? No immortals? No destroyers? A C'tan? Well keep on reading.

My opponent had something like this.

Marshal (twin thunderhammers and terminator armour)
5-man terminator command squad w/ 2 assault cannons


Emperors Champion (Accept any challenge...)

5 Assault terminators ( 4 lightning claws, 1 thunder hammer) w/furious charge

5 Crusaders w/ plasmagun and plasmacannon

5 Crusaders w/ power fist and meltagun

Land Raider Crusader

Overhead is deployment. We rolled base-objectives.

Turn 1: Templars had first turn and he used it to move up his crusader and fire at the warrior squad containing my destroyer lord, killing 2.

On my turn I moved up the deciever and shot everything at that land raider. Now here is an important note: My two heavy destroyers didnt manage a scratch on that land raider, but the first 10-man squad of warriors tore through it, immobilising it (and possibly winning the game), so use the heavy destroyers to take out transports and light tanks, against high AV targets the probabilities of mass Gauss Flayers is way better than two lascannons ( and in that case, all I really needed was an immobilised result).

Turn 2: Assault terminators disembark and procede to charge the deciever. The rest of the army moves up. The Assault terminators only manage one wound on the star god, but recieve 3 wounds in return. They are however fearless and easily manage the two armour saves.

On my turn my Monolith arrives, and one of the Scarab squads. I deepstrike the Monolith next to the crusader squad with Emperors Champion and Grimaldus, who are dangerously close to my Necron warriors. I detach the Destroyer Lord from his squad and prepare to charge in (in the hopes of buying another turn). The Monolith template shoots wide, while all the gauss flayers rapid firing fail to do much. The Lord charges in, takes 1 wound from the Emperors champion, one from Grimaldus and than attempts to chop the Emperors champion in half. He fails miserably, not causing a single wound, and takes a power fist to the head. Conclusion: Don't charge a squad with a power fist, relic blade and angry chaplain.

Turn: 3 The crusader squad with EC and Grimaldus consolidate and charge the squad holding my objective. They slaughter the squad. My Deciever finishes off the assault terminators and consolidates towards the crusader squad up my arse.

On my turn I rapid fire the crusader squad once again. The Monolith template shoots wide (once again) and the Deciever charges in. He kills off the Emperor's champion and a few squad mates.

Turn 4: The Terminator command squad has now reached pretty much the center of the battlefield and are closing in on my warriors.The Deciever kills off all but Grimaldus in close combat.

On my turn I turbo-boost the first squad of scarabs up the left flank, and retreat with the warriors. My Monolith starts to shift towards the terminator command squad. Defying the laws of nature (aka probability) Grimaldus survives the Deviever's deadly attacks. Ofcourse he cant wound the god back.

Turn 5: The terminator command squad continues to advance managing to kill one of the heavy destroyers trying to make a run for it towards the templar objective. Somehow Grimaldus survives another round of CC.

On my turn the first squad of scarabs turboboosts to take the ruins, which was the templar objective. The second squad turbo boosts up the left flank, to prepare to move in on turn 6. I shoot everything I got at the terminator command squad, killing 3 termies.

We roll, and it goes on.

Turn 6: The Templar command squad still try to push on, while the crusaders holding the temlar objective charge, and kill off the scarabs. Grimaldus dies, but than in horror I realise he has a special rule allowing him to rise back EVEN if killed by instant death. He passes the LD check, and the deciever has been decieved.

On my turn Scarab squad #2 turbo boost to contest, meanwhile the monolith glides in between the command squad and my warriors. The remaining heavy destroyers turbo boosts up the left flank, prepared for contesting, if it goes to turn 7.

We roll....... and it goes on!

Turn 7: the crusaders charge the new squad of scarabs, but don't wipe them out. The terminator command squad tries in vain to start going around the Monolith. My Deciever dispatches the irritating chaplain with ease.

On my turn the deciever prepares to charge the terminator command squad, however in the shooting phase, I decide to force them to take a Leadership test. They fail it. Being a sport (and a god) I charge the terminators anyway. The heavy destroyer turbo boosts to contest the templar objective. The deciever dispatches the remaining terminator, but the Marshal strikes back with his twin thunder hammers and 5 attacks, and manages 3 wounds!. Suddenly my "god" is left with one remaining wound! Good thing that was the last close combat round of the game.

Game ends with Necrons winning 1-0

Although Heavy Destroyers arent that great, there is one reason why I'm holding back on switching them for destroyers. Heavy destroyers can act solo ( and so are a cheaper contester). For antitank the best way to STOP a tank is by rapid firing it. The best way to DESTROY a tank is by thrusting a warscythe into it, or letting the star god play with it.

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