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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Beating the Horde with a water-army

Well after playing with the sword-brethen build for a couple of dozen games, I thought I'd share the experience with you guys. ATTENTION: When looking at the pics, click it, to see the entire battlefield. Here we have a battlefield, where my BT army is supposedly pitting off against a tyranid force. Now I dont have the tyranid codex, so this army is in no way excact, but you get the idea. Lots of genestealers and gaunts backed up by a good core of monstrous creatures and a squad of warriors. The game is lootcounters, with three objectives and we're playing table quarters. I deploy my terminators, but hold both of my rhinos in reserve. Now I also play 2 5man stormtrooper squads for cheap scoring units, and they are best kept in reserve out of harms way, but if you have LOS-blocking terrain then you can deploy a squad behind it. I've deployed one of the squads behind the ruins in my quarter.

Next in the first two turns you start moving back, keeping in the 24" range to pump out shot's, but not letting the nids into combat, where in those numbers they would overrun me. WHen you're reserves arrive, remember you can use your entire table edge, I've brought one of the rhino's from the farmost right flank, sometimes I bring both of them on, playing a refused flank. The dread in the pod drops down to protect the rhino, but mainly to distract. A ven. dread with extra armour is a real pain in the arse and with the old smokes, I can stretch it one turn further.

now around turn 3 you want to start your counter attack, at this point your 24 assault cannon shots a turn will have taken down a few of the monstrous creature, taking away the teeth of the army. My terminators all have 3 attacks on the charge with prefferred enemy and power fists, that really hurts, so once the armour ignoring enemies are neutralised you can charge in. If you wait too long with this, you wont be able to get back the ground you lost in the retreat, which means you gave your opponent a free win. Now I've blown smokes on both of my rhinos (and since they are the old ones the rhinos wont be wrecking) if they are immobilised than I run the squad up to the objective and contest without the rhino, but if they are contesting inside the rhino, that will buy them an extra turn. The dread heads off the tie the closest threats, since its a ven, actually destroying it, even with a monstrous creature will take a few combat rounds. The terminators push the enemy back, making way for the storm troopers to run onto the objective. If the objective was in cover, I'd throw them to the ground. I normally put the EC in one of the squads to give it ld10 and two extra wounds (with a 2+ save).

Hopefully the game ends with you contestinf two of the objectives with the tankshocking rhinos and holding one with the storm troopers

This works against footslogging Horde-CC armies, like Orks or nids, but also against armies like an infantry Berserker army.


  1. Good tutorial. It nicely shows how to keep up the fire from the gunline without getting too close. Even more critical, you illustrate when and how to do the counter-attack. The timing on that is crucial.

    One thing I like to do with my Wolves when Tank-Shocking onto an objective is to skim the edge of the unit rather than driving straight into the middle of them, with preference to placing the objective to the outside of the tank. Then even if the tank gets popped in CC, you can disembark your guys to still be within 3".


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