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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Sword Brethen Build

So last week I decided to attend a local tournament with a BT Terminator heavy build. I was surprised at how well it did. I lost only one game and that was against a twin lash n Obli list, which ended up winning the tournament. The main reason why the build did so well, was the fact that the termies still get two assault cannons into their 5-man squads. Here is what I had.

Emperors champion


4-man terminator command squad
2 assault cannons

2x 5 terminators
2x 2 assault cannons

5 crusader in rhino

5 crusader in rhino

6 crusaders with drop pod

2 Typhoons

The only squad that didnt perform was the typhoons, except when one of my nidzilla opponents tried to sneak up with 2 6-man squads of genestealers. There my typhoons ripped both squads, more than making up for their points, but that was also a little bad play by my opponent. I think I'm gonna switch it to a ven. dread with multimelta in a drop pod to work as a distraction unit. Hopefully the multimelta will take that tank with the ap2 ordance and after that every shot it soaks is away from the terminators. Anyway the amount of assault cannons and storm bolters meant that I could put a lot of shots at 24". Always reacting to the enemy and keeping a good distance between me and my opponent they really managed to maul the enemy, after which they moved in to charge with their power fists (and prefferred enemy). The terminators can move in surprisingly fast, with their righteous zeal special rule.

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