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Monday, 9 January 2012

How viable are naked princes in fatecrusher builds?


I call him Mr. Muscle. He represents a Daemon Prince in my Lost and the Damned themed fatecrusher list. This idea came to me as I was thinking of ways to patch the weak points of a fatecrusher build: antitank and more importantly something to deal with walkers. Although Fiends are pretty good at charging walkers, doing some damage and then HnR out of there, the fiends might have better things to do. So, I started thinking of cheap ways to deal with dreads. MC attacks are probably one of the most reliable methods.

Taking into account the slots I have available daemon princes seemed like the best option. Their upgrades are just very expensive. That got me thinking, do they really need the upgrades for the role I'm playing them in? I'd just have them dropping down in the second wave (within fateweaver range) to potentially charge walkers that came too close. For 80 points they aren't such a bad buy. Since I'm gonna start with just one prince, I was thinking that I need to get results if I commit this guy, and the 15 points mark of khorne seemed ok. I think barebones is just viable an option, but 6 attacks on the charge means that I should be hitting any vehicle that moved fast in the previous turn.

For 95 points it's a decent bargain. They're nothing to rely on, but add another tool into my list that could potentially help me win games, I don't think that's a bad idea. It needs further playtesting but I think naked princes really have the potential to stay in my lists. There is enough resilience in the army already, so upgrades aren't necessary, and well wings are just too expensive imo.


  1. Can't comment much about daemon tactics but I have to say that I somehow like that model of yours. Simple but scary as hell :D


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