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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Finecast first impressions: Incubi


I got my first box of finecast from a christmas raffle at our FLGS. So I picked up a squad of the new incubi models. I really like the new models and was looking forward to painting and playing with them. Are the horror stories about finecast really true?

My box didn't have any airbubbles in awkward places or stuff like that. There was some cleaning up to do, but overall the details were very good. The only problem with the resin is, that weapons might come as warped. I think a couple of the klaives were warped. Overall however, it would seem that gw has stepped up a notch.

In comparison to metal models, the resin models are easier to transport. They don't get chipped like the metal ones, which is really great. They are also less prone to breaking down if you drop them, certainly a plus. Painting them wasn't really that different to any other models.

I would say that GW did the right move when they changed to Finecast. Unfortunately, since we are talking about GW, they raised the prices at the same time. That really pisses a lot of people off (including me) because as far as I understand, resin is cheaper to manufacture then metal. Overall though, finecast is great.

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