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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Daemons: Larger lesser daemon squads?


Although this talks specifically from a Daemons stand point, in my opinion the ideas are relevant to any foot lists. Feel free to ask me, if you want to talk about implementing these ideas in your lists.

Continuing on my voyage into the depths of the thorpe-doed Chaos Daemons codex, I'm here to report back on some things you might want to consider when building your list. As I mentioned earlier, Daemons have very few ways in which to affect their opponent's movement, CC being perhaps the most sure way. Tank Shocks will rip through anything but CC, and anybody locked in combat is restricted from doing anything else.

That's why I think larger lesser daemon squads (over 15) can be a good pick. They are easy to chain up to get potentially large multicombats going (a linker between your other CC units) and can lash out whilst still maintaining their tail within fateweaver's bubble. Ofcourse, a larger squad gives less killpoints (which is a strong point of daemons) and can be used as bubblewrap, stringed to take multiple objectives etc.. There is nothing more sweet than producing a 30" line of models, charging one end into a combat and watching your opponent's tanks wonder why they aren't allowed to run over these zombies queuing infront of them.

I personally am swaying towards daemonettes. There are a couple of reasons. First, they are cheaper. A large squad will cost a lot of points and although that can potentially be awesome in table quarter missions (depending on the format ofcourse) that is a lot of points away from the rest of the list. Second, they have grenades. When making these 30" lines of doom you get to attack first, and then remove casualties from the guys that just swung instead of from the back of the line (thus not shortening the congo line as much). Finally, the daemonettes have fleet. Not only is this another different threat range in the army, it allows you to better prepare your combats.

Against tanks and infantry alike, blood letters are just simply better then daemonettes. However, in the role that I am playing them, the daemonettes should be just fine. They are perfectly capable of taking on non-dedicated cc units. If in fateweaver range, I think they can drag down a lot of things in a prolonged combat. And they aren't the heavy hitter in my army, that's what I got a freaking crusher deathstar for.

I still need a lot more games under my belt, but these are the thoughts that have arisen from my trip into the eye of terror.

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