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Monday, 2 January 2012

2012: What shall I do?


I hope everybody had a great christmas and new year. I haven't been posting over the holidays, but hopefully I'll be jumping right back in now. A year ago I thought about the possibility of starting daemons as my tournament army for 2011. Well, that plan never materialised (a great responsibility for that falling on the awesome new ravager models :D) but I went ahead and bought the stuff I need for a lost and the damned themed daemon army. What am I planning on making it hobbywise?

It will be an uprising led by word bearers. I'll add some word bearers into some of the lesser daemon squads to act as aspiring champions, kinda like in the old lost and the damned armylist. In addition, I'm using cadian and mantic zombie bits for the lesser daemons, with some west wind miniature heads. Fiends will be a mix of seekers, warhounds and daemonettes and the crushers will be word bearers riding spawns. There was a super sexy apocalypse box at our flgs (with 10 csm and 10 spawns) that should make the right sized models, but with something different and fitting of the theme. Fluff wise it does sound silly to have csm riding spawns, but they're some sort of daemonic mounts. In the pic above you can see some of the first models and I think the spawn riders look pretty good (I'm gonna buy 10 resin bases for the crusher deathstar as atm they are on cardboard bases).

Game wise this list is gonna be a fatecrusher build very similar to the one that made it into the finals at Feast of Blades. I'm buying a used lord of change that I will convert as fateweaver and I'll have one big crusher deathstar with 2 heralds. The herals are probably gonna be the dark apostle and his first acolyte (that's the company chaplain and his future successor for those of you who don't know), so they'll stand out in mainly black power armour.

I'm still working on the details of the list. Fatecrusher is one of those armies that doesn't necessarily do well over the course of an entire tournament (as it has some bad matchups and random factors built into it) but trying out matches against daemons should be a good thing for our etc team, as there are very few daemon players in Finland (as a matter of fact, Joo-o is probably the only one in Finland who plays a decent list at tournaments!).


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