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Friday, 6 January 2012

Fatecrusher... first impressions


Well, I've been busy on my Lost and the Damned army, and I even played a game with them on wednesday. I lost. Played against Space Wolves and didn't destroy his tanks in time, he contested my objectives. It takes a lot of practice to suddenly switch to a practically complete CC army, and I wasn't expecting to do well in the first couple of games. Here are some things I picked up

How do Daemons influence the game:

-Movement - generally they are slow so using the Crusherstar's large footprint efficiently is crucial. At its best, the crushers can really prove a challenge to the opponent. In my first game, they didn't.

-Assault - Fatecrusher has minimal shooty elements (infact my list only had fateweaver) and all the damage is dealt in CC. This has some pros and a lot of cons. You can (and need to) use multiassaults effectively (and I found the 20 man letter unit very good for this role) to deal maximum damage and lock down the enemy.

Not only do you deal damage in assault, but that is the best way in which you can limit your opponent's movement. They literally can't move if they are in an assault. Fiends are very good at this, because they have HnR. They can go into combats that they wouldn't necessarily wanna stay in, and block your opponent's movement through it. Potentially you can do this to tanks aswell. They can't tank shock through combat so good strings are crucial to stopping tanks from moving.

As you can see, Daemons are completely missing shooting. This means that their threat ranges are shorter and they have to commit themselves in order to deal damage. This requires finesse to master, but as I've said before, combat has the POTENTIAL to be a lot more destructive then shooting, it's just getting there that's the hard part.


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