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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Whether it'd be the robbers, or the..

STEALERS! Lot's of them. Nids are all over my room at the moment, as I scavenge around trying to find all the models I've got for them. I even rearranged my WH-closet and renovated my room by adding some shelves. Wow.. Even I'm impressed.

As mentioned, I figured I won't be able to finish knights 'til the tournament on October. Nids are looking lots of better, even with their paintjob looking pretty rough, and bases being untouched. Again I picked my colourscheme by choosing a fancy pot of paint and just working on it. Iyander yellow, matched with warlock purple.. Looks ok enough. I have to buy 30 more of these bad boys, but luckily I've got a pending deal on 14. So, 16 more.. Shouldn't be impossible. I also have to convert like 4 hive guards from warriors, or maybe buy 1 or 2 and convert only 2. But, to sum up, I really love yellow. ...what...? Cmon, bananas..

By the way congratz' to the ETC and ESC winners and performers. Finland managed pretty well, 'specially in the Single Championships. The performance of Nids in that tournament was pretty solid, which encourages me to try them even more. Knights were also great, and I think the few Daemons weren't that bad either. Good for me, I'd say :D

- Toni Salenius

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