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Saturday, 20 August 2011

GUESTPOST: Shocking!!

Again, apologies for the missing pic. Should really stack pics to my gf:s place too... The pictures here are not so 40k, like...... Aaaanyway. So, a 30-guy tournament closing in, deadline being 1st of October. I've lately been disappointed with the performance of Daemons. And, no wonder, it's all about dice with them. My knights are lacking too many units and tanks to even dream about it, so I looked to my shelf.. What DO I have besides these two?! First hit was the Eldar, with massed serpents/prisms. Ok, not too bad, but somehow lacking. Then my eyes turned into my nids.

I don't really know how these guys work, but this is my try. I think BroodLords didn't have SITW, but when calculating I thought they had. If so, I'd probably take a prime or something for the added synapse control. Anyway, here's the list:

20 Genestealers: Broodlord with ST = 328
15 Genestealers: Broodlord with ST = 258
20 Genestealers: Toxin sacks = 340
Tervigon: Catalyst, Sacs, CSpine 185
10 Termagants = 50

3 Hive Guards = 150
3 Hive Guards = 150
3 Hive Guards = 150

Tervigon: Catalyst, Sacs, CSpine = 185

The lords are there to provide -ld, and threaten more hitty units. Also work catching xtra wounds. What do you say, can I play with this or should I make it better? A basic 55-genestealer shock-list.

-Toni Salenius, aka Joo-o

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