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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Ork Boyz: Sluggas or Shootas?


EDIT: I messed up the font-sizes (blogger isn't co-operating with me to change them back) so sorry for the Orky text :D .

This is a topic that is immensely debated, and every ork player seems to have a preference. How to equip your boyz? I personally think there is no single answer, but it rather depends on the size of the Boyz units and what kind of list you are using them in.

The Green Tide

In a mass-ork list, I would personally use shootas. You see, often you are not goin gto be able to get all ork mobs into CC, atleast not against a single unit, so in order to apply the necessary pressure, one must use shootas. In a list like this, and with slow units such as foot slogging orks, I see the value of shootas.


In Battlewagons, I use sluggas and choppas. This is because, you will not be slowing down to 6" (a requirement for firing shootas) and on the turn that you disembark, you will most likely be fleeting to maximise your threat range (this is why Ghazghkull is so great in Battlewagon lists). In addition, to smaller squad size (~20-man) means that you are more likely to need those extra attacks in CC. That is why in BW lists, I use sluggaboyz.


It would be easy to repeat myself here again, as trukk-boyz are very similar to battlewagon boyz. On the other hand, trukkboyz are more prone to get their rides shot off under them (and get kareened 18" in the wrong direction) so getting those charges off isn't that easy after all. It really depends on the rest of you list. If you are spamming trukks, then most likely shootas are better, since you can charge multiple mobs to take out any tougher targets and give supporting fire with the rest. On the other hand, when playing only a couple of trukk-mobz, you might well need those extra CC attacks to take on more opponents.

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