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Friday, 12 August 2011

GUEST POST: So, Grey Knights...

There was a time people were happy. A time of transports, a time of AV11 spam. People felt good. They were powerful, and independent. Their mech-ness shone it's OP-light upon the planet 40k. But then came the time of darkness. The time of Grey Knights.

So, after throwing a wrong wave with daemons 8th time a row I felt kinda pissed. The dice were against me obviously, and losing because one bad roll felt wrong. Just plain wrong! Why, GW, whyyyyy... Anyways, after a period of whining I looked to the mirror and told myself I'm getting a MEQ army. And so I did.

My options were somehow limited thou. I wanted a strict performer. An army that could perfom well, even when the dice didn't smile. So, Wolves, Blood Angels or Grey Knights? I proxyed some games with Wolves, loved 'em but wanted something more similar to my gamestyle. After a lot of thought put into lists and calculating, I decided to take a journey to the depths of Greyness. Or, pinkness, in my case..

(sorry about the quality.. the highlights and metallic colors also almost look like too extreme because of the lightning, but anyways..)

I stumbled upon an unused pot of Tentacle Pink. What would you have done, CMON?! It's pink, and the name has "tentacle" in it. That's what I call a paint. ...wait what... Anyhow, those guys are my purifiers with black-like helmets. GKSS are going to get purple/lila pots, and Interceptors are probably going to get grey helmets, or maybe purple. Not sure yet, but whatever really. In about a week I have finished this squad and 2 psyfleman dreadnoughts. Not too shabby, I'd say. My aim is to get this army finished before October. Don't know if I make it, but if I do, it'll be awesome.

Ahh, and my army composition... I think I'll be posting that later on, with some thoughts of why I have this and that kind of tweaks and units in my list. So, later!

Toni Salenius alias Joo-o

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  1. Loved the post, lightened up the day for me. The GK figs look awesome.

    I actually have a tentacle pink pot still somewhere in here.....


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