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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

CSM: Bolt of Change?

Count-as Thousand Sons, for my Nurgle Warband. Space Goats FTW! Click-it!

I´ve been experimenting with using the Tzeentch Bolt of Change power to boost the amount of enemy vehicles I can tackle with my CSM army, since 3 squads of Oblits are only gonna be hitting three tanks a turn, and they often would rather be shooting up infantry than transport vehicles. Now does anybody have personal experience or even just an opinion on the effectiveness of the power?

Basically str8 and ap1 is pretty nice, 24" being an ok range, although it pretty often will put you within psychic hood range, but the very best thing IMO is that it's assault 1. This way my sorcerers can cruise around in rhinos and still fire it. It also means that I don't need 10-man CSM squads to get that lascannon to pop tanks. Instead I can take 5 thousand sons and the bolt on the aspiring sorcerer.

Still there is a lot of psychic defense nowadays, and a sorcerer with a bolt of change weighs in at 155 points. Thousand Sons also aren't that survivable, and very fragile in squads of 5. What are your thoughts? In my opinion it is key to have that anti-tank power in the troops slots, since at 1500 and 1750 points I won't have a lot of points to spare on non-scoring units with the "mandantory" 9 oblits. Even if you don't give a damn about my power-gaming ranting, I have a pic of my converted count-as thousand sons for my nurgle warband.


  1. Nice one mate. Space Goats.. I am gonna start building a Blood Ravens army soon enough. Keep the creative juices flowing.

  2. Thx. There was also another comment, but I accidently pressed the reject button. I'm sorry!


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