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Monday, 14 June 2010

I placed 3rd with my Tau this weekend....


It's taking a while for me to make video battle reports of the five games I played this weekend at a local tourney, so here is a hopefully not too long summary.

I started the day facing a mech guard army in annihilation. The scenario had a funky deployment set up, and I found my army crammed to the space of one ruin at the center of the board, with Ig firepower all around me. My broadsides went on a rampage blowing up chimeras left and right, and I won, taking 13 battlepoints out of a possible 20 that was awarded each round.

Next up was an Ork dread mob army. We had seize ground, but the armies deployed on the short table edges, 18'' in. I had a good first turn alphastrike, taking all his transports and a dread, but then everything started going downhill. It should probably be noted that the Ork player won the tournament, so he knew what he was doing. I lost and got 3 battlepoints.

Last game of day one, I played against a Dark Angel army. The player with the most troops within 6'' of the center of the table won the game. He had a pimped up 500 points termie squad with two characters, which deepstruck in my lines on turn one, did nothing and was blasted off the board by all my plasma fire. That left him with a couple of land raiders, an empty rhino and a vindicator. No problem, I win by wipe out. 20 points.

Second day I start against a Black Templar army with long range preds/dreads and two termie squads of doom with twin ass cannons. The table was divided into six sectors and we fought to hold them. I deployed first, evenly spread out, and he decided to pull a refused flank on me, concentrating most of his preds/dreads and both of his termie squads on my left flank. He stole the initiative and started blasting away, but I backed away to the right firing railguns into his long range stuff. I really didn't kill much in this game, but my devilfish came on from reserve, and with a very lucky turn six, I held 3 sectors to his 1. I win with 17 battlepoints.

Finally we are playing to kill our opponents most expensive HQ character, yeah there was a lot of funky missions, and I was against another IG army. My Tau managed to repel his offensive elements, but not without casualties, and my only hope of getting to his command squad, that was hiding at the back of the deployment zone out of sight, was my crisis suit team with one twin linked flamer, which I had left to deepstrike. They came on turn 5, hitting and wounding the commander. I just had to keep my own shas'el with full wounds and I would win. I did and got 17 battlepoints.

So I ended with 70 battlepoints and placed 3rd out of 23 players with 4 wins and 1 loss. I placed 3rd in best army, as they gave each army a score between 0-10. I had a real blast, and I'll be putting up those video battle reports, so that you'll get a real idea of what was going on in those missions, but I have to say the ethereal REALLY was worth it. He saved my units many times, and didn't die throughout the entire tournament, just had to make sure he had some fearless kroots or broadsides around him.


  1. Congrats on the win.

    By the way... "termie squad with two characters, which deepstruck in my lines on turn one" It's a moot point because you won this battle, but would hope this is a type-o because it's not legal.

  2. Thx.

    He had a deathwing termie squad from the elites slot, and one chaplain and one librarian had joined that squad. Is that illegal? I don't own the Dark Angel codex.

  3. Ah, nope, I just missed that they were Deathwing.

  4. Congratulations mate sounds like you really kicked some ass out there! Did you face the nast IG builds (vendetta's Hydra's Manticores and lot's of Chrimeara's?

    looking forward to the battle reports!

  5. Thx. Yea the first guard list was very nasty with lots of hydras a couple of vendettas, a manticore and chimeras filled with meltas.

    I'm trying to work on the video battlereports, but it's taking some time.


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