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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Adepticon 2012: What a ride


Still recovering from Adepticon, but how was it? The 40k Championships were rough. I played against mech IG (1-2), Mech BA (3-0), GK (0-3) and finally SW which I lost on tiebreaker. The last game had some bad luck on t6 turning the game, but other then that, it was really just the matchups. Venomspam is very RPS, that's the way it is. I scored 36/40 on painting though, that was pretty darn awesome! I also played at the FB championships, going 2-2. The FB players were especially great sports and had a blast, I even played against a player last round that remembered reading about my venoms on my blog.

Ofcourse, Adepticon is a lot more then the tournaments. Americans are really nice people, atleast when you share a common love such as miniature wargaming. I had a blast with everyone I met, even getting on 40k radio's Adepticon coverage for maybe 2 minutes. The size of Adepticon is just huge. In Finland, a 60 man tournament is REEEALLY big. Suddenly there are over 400 players playing at the 40k Team Championships (which apparently sold out in 17 hours). The swag bag was really awesome aswell.

Regarding the differences between the US and Finland. GK and IG numbers were the two highest at Adepticon. In Finland, GKs win tournaments, but aren't that large a procentage of the players. IG is even less common. That certainly was not a good start for DE. The more interesting difference was with the terrain. That picture above shows the only table where I could actually hide venoms (and not very many taking into account the long fangs on the third storey of a building up forward). The terrain tended to be very low. Hills were just large enough to block loss to Rhinos, but not skimmers. Just getting over 100 tables together for an event is a major feat, but low terrain seemed to be an interesting trend.

The missions themselves weren't that different, except for one (imho) silly thing. Objectives were placed in conjunction to the roll off. The player who won first turn could put 3 objectives on his side of the board and he knew he would be getting that side. Seemed a little silly to me.

There wasn't much wrong with my list (in fact, the silly stuff like the razorwing and night shields were just awesome when deploying second against space wolves). DE are just very hit or miss for singles tournaments, and Adepticon was a miss. I would have really liked to have watched a DE player play at the finals, to learn something new, but it would seem like the other DE players ran into the same problems.

Just a quick update as real life is being a bitch. I will be taking the weekend off to throw some dice. I'm trying to take my crons to the tournament, as I'm a little burned out with DE. It's gonna be a silly list with the more special rules then in the entire Dark Angles codex (imotekh, Orikan, C'tan, you catch the drift).

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