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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Army Showcase: Necrons of the Whispering Dunes


I need a new camera, this one has scratches that show up as black lines in the pictures (but I need money). Anyway, here is a showcase of my necrons in their new colour scheme.

I decided to speed paint my necrons for the tournament hosted last weekend and this is an example of what you can do in two days if you plan out accordingly. Above you can see Orikan (the WFB wraith conversion) and some gauss blaster immortals (I had to plan my list with the models I had). The immortal with a cutdown gauss blaster (in the front) is a tremortech. In the background you can see my counts as imotekh rampaging.

I decided to go with a brown/beige colour scheme for the army, with blue gauss effects adding a nice contrast. I also added static grass etc onto the models (like with old colour scheme) because I think they're cooler that way. I was thinking that these guys would represent a fringe world, where stasis chambers were poorly built and the reawakening process contained a great deal of digging. It was originally an Adeptus Mechanicus exploration team, in search of a new energy source, that woke up the necrons from their slumber.


 I don't care what the new fluff says, my Deceiver is still a god in the eyes of my troops. Perhaps the damaged stasis chambers caused a memory loss in my forces, one of the Deceiver's shards making good use of the oppurtunity. He is using the Necrons of Orvan IV to regain the power he once possessed. I have to say, although really expensive, Orikan+Writhing Worldscape combine into an effect that makes conserving points a lot easier against bad matchups. Often your opponent will be slowed down for an entire turn. That's not bad.


I only had 3 tomb spyders and 2x5 scarabs in that list. I'll probably be expanding to 9 spyders in the future. They are pretty awesome in the new book. I used some of that foam you get in blister packs (atleast used to) to add the weathering onto the spyders. They fit in well with the theme.


I had one squad of tesla immortals with a veil-tek. They were pretty cool actually. In the background you can see one of my two triarch stalker conversions. They can't really be played now that the real ones are out (and have a larger footprint+no base) but they were pretty good in the tournament. 150 points isn't cheap, but I still regard them a very good unit. Overall, the list was fun to play. Loads of interlocking elements and rules stacking together. The list didn't have any clear powerhouse units, which also meant that it played more passively during the game. It was all about building up the game for those last turns, where I would be in a position to win. This is a big contrast to venomspam, which goes for the throat right from the start, trying to destroy and contain the enemy, and win through board control.

I'm also planning on building a squad of wraiths. I got the idea from my last opponent at the tourney. He really liked my Orikan conversion, and thought it would be cool to make my wraiths giant grim reapers. I really like that idea, so stay tuned for those guys. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the pics. I'm pretty happy with the results, taking into account the 2-day build time.

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