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Sunday, 15 April 2012

DE: 3-Game tourney in Porvoo


Hi guys,
            Adepticon is just around the corner (I'll be leaving early Wednesday morning) but April has been filled with tournaments every weekend. Yesterday I went to one of the "preliminary" tournaments hosted by mygamestore.fi, a company that has gaming stores around Finland, that was one ina series of tournaments that will climax at the end of the summer in a 30-man tournament in Helsinki where you can win 400e (which is REALLY huge by Finnish standards). The TO is a fellow blogger (warheadfrenzy.blogspot.com) and overall great guy, who's really committed to giving the Finnish tournament community something special. The top Five in each preliminary round earn an automatic spot in the Finals (whilst others will have to scramble for the remaining 15 spots). This tournament wasn't very big, but had 12 players competing.

I decided to take a razorwing out for a spin. It's very handy against necron scarabs, and I was trying to protect myself against Jabbdo's scarab farm list, but it turned out to be pretty nice anyway.

My first game was against another member of the ETC team, Jouni, with his Ork Kan Wall. Mission was DOW, Capture and Control (20 points) and Victory Points (10 points). Each mission objective at this tournament scaled depending on the amount of objectives in your possession etc., which was an interesting break from the sort of WDL victory conditions We've been playing a lot lately. In this mission, I had no intention of trying to contest the Ork objective, since it wouldn't earn me that many points overall and would put my victory points at risk. Instead, I concentrated on Gazzy, 30 boys and a trukk with 5 meganobz that had come in to threaten my own base. We never got past t3, but by then I had destroyed gazzy and his 5 nobz and dropped the boyz down to ~7 models (who were hiding behind a ruin). My hellions were dropped down to 1 man by gazzy, and I lost one venom. I marginally won on victorypoints, almost making it to the second bracket, but only winning by 16-14.

Second game was against an ETC veteran, Jukka who was playing BT. He had 6 speeders, crusader squads on foot and some elites loaded out with termies (including a deep striking termie assault squad). It was KP (20), table quartes (10), spearhead. I was in for a tough match but won the roll off. My opponent opted not to bunch up in the corner and take away my t1 shooting, fearing the 48" range missiles on my razorwing. Instead, I got to start shooting at templars from t1. I was lucky at the start of the game, suffering relatively few casualties (although my ravagers died t1) and getting to work with the templar infantry. My opponent had a string of bad luck as his marshal just couldn't pass armour saves and was eventually sniped out of a crusader squad by a venom that rolled 7 wounds. He failed a shitload of ld checks and a lot of guys just ran off the board. By t4 all he had was 5 typhoons (one without rockets) and we ran out of time again. I won by 2 killpoints and held all the table quarters. 22-8 victory.

My last game was against Henri, who usually sports a paladin list. GK were comped at this tournament, so that GK were limited to 1650 points (1850 for everyone else) and only 1500 points if the army included a special character. No wonder he was borrowing a space wolf army. He had the usual triple long fangs, 2 rune priests, 4 rhino hunters, 2 razorback hunters and a squad of 3 twc. The game was 5 objectives (20), KP (10), pitched battle. I won the roll off and went first. My opponent didn't protect his longfangs and I got all but 2 single missiles off the table (one squad ran away with 2 missiles). After that, he tried to push midfield, but my blasters were rolling hot and I stopped the majority of his vehicles. He did the right thing and got all his guys out at the same time, as some were already forced out by vehicles being destroyed. I managed to kill off quite a few of his squads whilst taking little damage in return but was somewaht forced to overstretch on t4 as we had to end the game there due to timing (again). My razorwing went supersonic and contested and objective, I managed to barely claim two objectives and my opponent claimed one. I won by 6 KP and 1 objective, 22-8 victory.

Timing was certainly an issue, but I haven't had problems in most of my games in Kouvola (where the rounds are the same length as in Adepticon). None the less, I'm gonna have to be super efficient whilst playing in there, and keep my eye on the clock. I should also remeber to check it in advance and agree with my opponent at the start of the turn, if this will be the last. I got myself in a slightly uncomfortable situation the week before at a team tournament, where we ran out of time on t4, where my opponent was clearly winning. I decided to call it there as lunch was starting, but for a reason my opponent was a little unhappy since he hadn't anticipated the game ending.

In the end, I finished 2/12 and won best painted. It's really nice, as I haven't won a painting award before. I also got my spot at the final tournament and won all my games. Overall, a very good tournament. I liked the razorwing. I was only sporting 19 dark light weapons, which is really light, but I seemed to make do with it. The hellions are good backup for antitank and the single squad of wyches I had is invaluable when you need to surpress a vehicle, but can't afford to use 6 lances to achieve it.


  1. Congratulation on your success. Our meta is actually quite low on AV so here you don’t need so much antitank. Only GK and IG are playing parking lots here and none were attending this event.

  2. Thx. You might well be right about most armies not having that much metal boxes anymore. Your friend Joakim was playing a space wolf list I wouldn't have wanted to run into with my Deldar :D.


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