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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Adepticon 2012, here we come!

Hi guys,

no pictures, since this is just a quick announcement. Next spring I will brave the cold and dangerous Atlantic Ocean in a luxurious economy-class airplane seat, invading Lombard and the Adepticon 2012 40k Championships.

This will be my first tournament outside of Finland, and I'm really looking forward to attending such a large convention. In Finland, a 60 player tournament is big, but over 200?? That is insane. I can express how happy I am about this. I signed up for the Geek Nations tour, so if any of you are on it, you might just have to sleep in the same room with me.

I'll also play in the Fantasy championships on saturday, but I suck at FB and expect to lose every game. Not that I'm expecting to do well in the 40k Championships. I would probably be a little sad if I lost every game, but if I can't win a 30-man tournament, then 200 seems very unlikely :D. I've reserved Sunday just for looking at the finals, hoping to learn something from the pros (something you don't have the time to do in regular tourneys since you're playing).

Perhaps the biggest concern with me is the time limit. 2h and 15min for a 1850 game? We generally play three hours, even three and a half! I need to start training (*Eye of The Tiger Intro*)....

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