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Friday, 12 February 2010

New revised 1500 points list

I got some pretty good feedback from a couple of forums, that I posted my list on. Mainly get more models and get more troops. Since I happened to have a converted Avatar model lying around I encorporated him into the list. This is transforming more and more into elfzilla.

Avatar and Wraithlords charge together causing panic and confusion. The banshees and farseer go in the falcon to charge out at scoring unit or easy killpoints. Harlequins give the dire avengers modile cover and a counter assault element. Pathfinders sit on objectives. jetbikes go in reserve and arrive to hold or contest objectives. In killpoints the jetbikes will be pretty worthless, but maybe I can use them to lure my opponent into making mistakes, like deploying them stranded on one flank and then turbo-boosting them on turn one behind cover where my main army is, hopefully leaving some enemy units useless.



Farseer@175pts. Runes of warding and witnessing, spirit stones, doom, fortune guide

5 harlequins@140pts. 5 kisses, shadowseer

5 Howling Banshees@107pts. Exarch w/ mirrorswords, acrobatic

8 dire avengers@138pts. Exarch w/ power weapon and shimmershield, blade storm

5 pathfinders@120pts

5 pathfinders@120pts.

3 Guardian Jetbikes@66pts.

Falcon@215pts. Eldar missile launcher, spirit stones, star engines, vectored engines, holo fields

Wraithlord@130pts. Brightlance, 2 flamers

Wraithlord@130pts. Brightlance, 2 flamers

Total: 1496

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