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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

1.5k Eldar army

Hi guys,
finally finished work on my eldar army. Here are a couple of pics. Click em and you can see the whole pic.


  1. Awesome man! How did you do the board- what is the basing? AND do I actually see harlequins on there? How are you playing them and what else is in your list- being interested since I've been running an all harlie list.

  2. Thanx guys for the encouragin words. Fritz do you mean the display board in the second pic? It's the lid of a cardboard box with plaster applied in streaks. The bases are just gravel an DIY snow. I'll add a post displaying my list. The harlies are purely 5 men with kisses one of them a shadowseer used to baby sit my pathfinders, allowing the rest of my army to zip around and not worry about the pathfinders. Also I use them to protect my flank, assault weakly held objectives.

  3. are those motorbikes the eldar are riding in pic 1

  4. They are riding cold ones. Thx for stopping by.


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