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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Eldars 1.5k List

Autarch@155pts. Jetbike mandiblasters, laser lance reaper launcher.

Farseer@175pts. Runes of warding and witnessing, spirit stones, doom, fortune guide

5 harlequins@140pts. 5 kisses, shadowseer

5 dire avengers@97pts. Exarch w/ dire sword and shuriken pistol, blade storm

5 pathfinders@120pts

5 pathfinders@120pts.

4 shining spears@217pts. Exarch w/ starlance, shuriken cannon, withdraw, skilled riders

Falcon@215pts. Eldar missile launcher, spirit stones, star engines, vectored engines, holo fields

Wraithlord@130pts. Brightlance, 2 flamers

Wraithlord@130pts. Brightlance, 2 flamers

Below is a picture of how I would deploy the army. Autarch+shining spears in reserve, farseer and avengers in the falcon and the wraithlords will charge forward and tie enemies in combat somewhere around midfield. Also I'm hoping they will take high strength shots, preserving the falcon towards the end game, where star engines will kick in. Harlies are in the far right corner protecting the pathfinder unit and ready to move out to objectives or enemies that might be on the right flank. You can click on the pic and it will enlargen

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