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Monday, 21 October 2013

1850 UM/IG list

 photo Executioner2.jpg
Hey guys,

sorry for the lack of posts on here. My biweekly vlog over at warhead has been taking up all my blogging energy, whilst I work on all my university stuff, new responsibilities as captain and life in general. Anyway, this time I'll just leave you guys with a list I'm bringing to a tourney next weekend (Turku Fanatic).

lvl 2 Librarian with a force axe
4x5 marines with a lascannon
5 scouts
thunderfire cannon
company command squad
platoon command squad with 4 flamers
50-man blob with 5 lascannons
2 leman russ executioners with lascannons and plasma sponsons

As you can see, the list reacts to the fact that the Finnish scene has turned into pure monster bash. Things that I'm still considering are

1) whether the librarian should be my warlord. Tigurius' trait isnt all that good with this list, I think I'd be better off rolling on the rulebook tables.

2) bike on the libby. Extra slingshoting for the blob might be nice. Then again, this is really mainly a shooty blob so the points might be better spent elsewhere.

Anyway, I need to look out for helldrakes (not sure whether the twinlinked lascannons will cut it) and tyranids (although the executioner squadron is golden in that matchup). A lot of matchups require psychic powers to turn my way so that's why I have the second libby (and for the str5 force axe against pesky riptides and wraithknights).

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