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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Daemons Tournament Report

 photo tomari6.jpg

So last weekend I went to a tournament in Hyvinkää. The weekend had multiple tournaments in different places and with the Finnish scene already being so small, we only had 12 players there. We (the etc players) decided to go to Hyvinkää because they were a new organizer, and it's always good to support new tournaments. Ofcourse, it turned more into a training weekend with a 25e price tag on it. I was rocking my Daemons/CSM:

HQ1: WARLORD: Fateweaver (300) = [300pts]
HQ2: Bloodthirster (250), exalted reward (30), greater reward (20) = [300pts]
TROOP1: Plaguebearers of Nurgle (90) = [90pts]
TROOP2: Daemonettes of Slaanesh (90) = [90pts]
HS1: Daemon Prince, daemonic flight (40), warp-forged armour (20), exalted reward (30), greater reward (20), daemon of tzeentch (25), mastery level 3 (75)) = [355pts]
HS2: Daemon Prince, daemonic flight (40), warp-forged armour (20), lesser reward (10), 2 greater rewards (2*20), daemon of tzeentch (25), mastery level 3 (75)) = [355pts]
HQ1: Chaos Sorcerer (60), force axe (0), 2 additional mastery levels (2*25) bike (20) = [130pts]
TROOPS1: Chaos Cultists (50) = [50pts]
FA1: Chaos Spawn (30), 4 additional spawns (4*30), mark of nurgle (5*6) = [180pts]
TOTAL = [1850pts]

Jukka (our CSM player from last year) was also flying high with two csm DPs (all the 350 points worth of trimmings) and IG battlepsykers. We were both pretty horrified to find out that the boards at the venue had pretty much zero losblock. It's great for all those Taudar lists running around but we weren't feeling it.

Game 1: Taudar

 photo tomari1.jpg

Allu's list had a buff commander, 2 riptides (one ion, one skyfire burst), firewarriors, 2x kroots, pathfinders, skyray, broadsides (with markerdrones and target locks), farseer, 2 davu serpents and a wraithknight. We were playing 5 objectives and dawn of war. I stacked 3 objectives on one side and took it. I think I also took first turn. The ruin in the bottom right of the image above might have hid one fmc but I didn't really fancy my chances any way I looked at it. I tried to bum rush the Taudar, but ended up with one plaguebearer alive on t5 when it ended. 0-10 (first round used halfed battlepoints)

Game 2: Space Marines

 photo tomari2.jpg

This was still using the old 'dex. After loosing the 1. round so horribly, I was playing against the ringer, who'd picked his list in something like 15 minutes from whatever he had. Basically 6 tactical squads, 4 rhinos, 8 devastators with no heavy weapons, chaplain and jump pack captain. It was purge the alien and we didn't need to play it until the end. 20-0.

Game 3: Necrons

 photo tomari3.jpg

Lauri was rocking imothek, obyron, 8 warriors with chronotek in a pirate ship, 2x5 warriors in scythes, 2 squads of wraiths, 1 scarab squad, 2 anhibarges and 3 spyders. We were playing emperor's will and relic. Lauri made me go first. I moved up slightly, and Lauri moved his wraiths forward on his t1. I'd rolled 2 enfeebles and quickly started making flickering fire minced meat out of one of the wraith squads. Spawns tied up the second wraith squad. Lauri tried to counter this by tying up my thirster with his scarabs, but as he didn't get grounded, scarabs went into the spawns instead. Obyron veiled towards my troops that had come on (with the spyders) but scattered back. I enfeebled them and charged in with my tzeentch staff + iron arm str10 guy. Killed off 2 spyders but they managed to veil out again.

Rest of my stuff concentrated on shooting down flyers with flickering fire and charging the av13 ground vehicles. My plaguebearers deepstruck towards Lauri's emperor's will objective, but scattered out. One plaguebearer would live untill the end of the game. The spawns were tied up until t6 in the scarabs, but the sorceror hallucinated the spyders a couple of times. Daemonettes finished the squad off as they suffered a 3-4 result from hallucination. T4 I dropped the glyph next to the relic and rolled up 2 plaguebearers to go grab the relic. Decided to use fatey's reroll on it, and ended up with just 1 :D. Eventually my daemonettes would take the relic (one guy left holding it t6 after the last scythe shot his friends), cultists hold my emperor's will (although a dp had to clear out some warriors that would have been contesting t5) and the chronotek passed his protocols to contest the last objective. 19-1 victory for me.

Round 4: Necrons

 photo tomari4.jpg

Eetu was playing a scarab farm list. He had a destroyer lord, overlord on ccb, 2x5 warriors in scythes, 10 immortals and haywiretek in scythe, 10+3 scarabs, 6 wraiths and 3x3 spyders (one prism in each). This was a really harsh matchup as it had lots of smash attacks and mindshackle scarabs. I didn't feel pressured since I'd already lost once and decided to try taking him on nonetheless. We were playing 4 objectives and he won the roll to go second anyway. I moved up t1, and he came at me. Fateweaver failed his grimoire t2. This was huge as I had been hoping to tie the wraiths with him. Instead I flew him and the glyph prince (with flickering fire) in reserve, to hunt his scythes later on. Thirster went into once squad of spyders (leaving 1 with 1 wound), staff of tzeentch + iron arm str10 dude went into a second enfeebled squad and killed them all. Spawns combocharged the wraiths, last squad of spyders and the squad that the str10 prince killed off. Despite the sorceror being out of challenge range first round, I wanted to link up the prince for followup rounds to stop the sorceror from killing himself agains the dlord.

 Linking up is one of the reasons why I like other then just 1-model units in a fmc list. Eetu's scarabs tied up the thrister (and dropped his pants) while the mss went into the big combat and the prince died in 1 round to the overlord. Spawns eventually died aswell and my last chance was to keep the remaining monster alive and kill his scythes. I only dropped one and took 2 hullpoints off the other. Eetu dropped and killed both monsters on t4 and it turned super ugly. 0-20.

Round 5: Necrons

 photo tomari5.jpg

I continued my necron tour, expertly dodging the taudar and eldar lists. Roni had 2 destroyer lords in wraiths, 4 scythes, 2 anhibarges, sorceror in cultists and a heldrake. We were playing killpoints and quarters (extra kp for holding  a quarter, quarters were held like they were objectives). I chose to go second and deployed out of his guns. I rolled 3(!!) enfeebles and roni didn't feel like pushing forward. I stacked my powers on one prince, fatey and the spawns to prevent first blood and flew the other 2 fmc into reserve (I kept 2 enfeebles on the board to discourage any charges from the wraiths). 2 scythes came on and killed 1 or 2 spawns with the barges. I dropped both scythes and started moving out. Roni just couldn't drop my monsters and t3 I double enfeebled one squad of wraiths, tied up the other with spawns. I made a mistake in deepstriking the plaguebearers in this matchup, leaving them vulnerable to the heldrake that came on t4 and flamed all of them (didn't pass a single invul). Despite this slight setback, and the second wraithsquad not dying (my dp managed to kill off the destroyer lord once, but after it stood back up I failed every mss check despite saving fatey's reroll for it) I ended up on top. I won killpoints by 4, neither had a quarter (didn't expect to have any with the way the rules worked) Roni had linebreaker, I had all the secondaries. 16-4 victory.

 photo thirstercup.jpg

with so few players and the way things worked out, Daemons snatched 3rd place despite 2 very ugly losses. I guess you have to be satisfied with every trophy you get. Interesting things to note: The DPs rolled biomancy 4/5 games (with a couple of flickering fires thrown in). Against Eetu, even the sorceror rolled biomancy as I initially didn't get enfeebles (the other 2 cron games made up for that by rolling above average enfeebles). If the sorceror rolls well on his telepathy, you don't need any more from the princes in certain matchups. I didn't play for lategame objective grabs in any of my games. With some morelosblocking terrain that would certainly be the way to go in tougher matchups (and the ability to fly into ongoing etc. is one of the reasons why I think fmc spam is so adaptible as a list). against Eetu, I should have done it anyway but we had some laughs with the bloody close combats where everybody exploded. Overall, I like the list, just need to work on the player ;)

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