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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Tau Battlesuit equipment options


The fireknife (plasma/missile/multitracker) suit configuration seems to be almost every tau commanders favorite option. I for one believed that the most versatile configuration would fit best in any tau list. In the new broadside list I've been working on, I tried out some other configurations.

When I playtested the burst cannon/missilepod/multitracker suits I was very surprised. In general, most sources will say that burst cannons on suits is crap. Those suits however, were on fire. I decided to crunch some numbers. It turns out the burst cannons are better then the fireknives at MEQs in cover when allowed into their "optimal" range of 13"-18". And the squad costed 36 points less.

This post isn't really about trying to sell burst cannons to you (although chainguns are freaking awesome!), but to motivate you to try different options. The broadside list I'm playing doesn't deploy its crisis suits, and thus needs to provide enough firepower in a couple of shooting phases. Fireknives are so effective because they are flexible, and can provide weight of fire at range that should over the course of the game destroy enemies. They wouldn't fit aswell into a list that utilises a positional relay,

Crisis suits are some of the most flexible options in the game, and every commander should look at the rest of their list to decide what kind of suits to take.

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