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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Night Shields - when to use them


There are a lot of people who really see Night Shields as a bad upgrade. They are very expensive, but in my opinion, most people just don't use them correctly.

Night Shields aren't meant for those backfield tanks like ravagers, where the 6'' range decrease probably won't have a big difference. They are shooting 48'' range weapons at you, and you're shooting 36'' range weapons back at them. Instead, Night Shields are good on those tanks that are gonna be going upfield towards the enemy, namely your blaster tanks. -6'' makes a bigger difference to weapons that already have a pretty short range. Meltaguns become kinda lol, and it works well on 24'' ranges such as multimeltas, psycannons and plasmaguns.

You can cut down on the amount of shooting going into your venoms. That is really key in a list that uses ~100 poisoned shots a turn as a lynchpin. I've tried them out in my latest list (the one with the shockprows) and have been positively surprised by them.

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