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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Veni, Vidi.. Vici?

And hello again! Total flame going on from my part. Anyways, as promised, I'll be reporting from my tournament. It was quite small, as only 12 players managed to crawl/walk to our local gamestore. As mentioned, 3 rounds, and I can tell you, total carnage. I entered the fray with my Demons. My list was:



4 Crushers, full stuff

4 Crushers, Fury and instr.

5 Fiends, Might

3x5 Plaguebearers

2 Princes with MoT, Bolt

1 Prince with MoS, Pavane and Aura of Aquiscience

First game: Dawn of war, Capture & Control, Vs Tyranids

I hated the matchup as soon as I saw my opponents list. 2 tervigons, 2 units of gaunts, prime, 2 trygons, 7 genestealers, 3x2 hive guards, and warriors. Could be worse, for example, stealer horde, but still so many models.. Not at first glance but he really popped the wormcan with those tervigons, and gaunts flooded 1 table quarter. He went first, deployed some units, and divided his army into 2 blocks in the first turn. The objective-flank, flooded with gaunts and tervigons, and the offensive flank, holding everything else. I got the right wave, focused on his offensive flank confirming atleast 10 points to myself and wiped it on his 3rd, giving myself plenty of time to wipe the gaunts with my strong and fast-enough units. 20-0 win, wipeout. Killed over 150 models, and felt really good 'cos Tyranids definately aren't my favourite matchup.

Second game: Pitched Battle, Seize Ground, Vs. CSM

This time the matchup felt great. Gotta love marines, really, as Demons rarely struggle against anything they can offer. This was no exeption. Despite the fact I failed and got my second wave, total rolldown ensured. My opponent had a lashprince, a vindicator, 3 obliterators, a defiler, 3 units of 7 plaguemarines, 2x2 plasma and 1x2 melta, and 5 terminators. Semi-competetive list atleast. The "firepower" combined with some one-sided rolling crushed some of my units, and after that it was just a race against time for wipeout. The pic shows all he had at the end of 5th. And then the game ended. Shame, but objectives ensured me 17-3 win. Khorne was to be pleased next game..

..against Black Templars.
Third game: Spearhead, Annihlation, Vs. Black Templars

And marines. Love it. Always fun, final against marines. My opponent's list was your everyday regular BT gunline, massing on missiles and lascannons. 4 5-man plasma-lascannon squads with razorbacks(tl las), 5 terminators with 2 assault cannons and tank hunter, 5 terminators with 2 cyclones and tank hunter, marshall, EC, 3 lone speeders, the basics. Oh my, how can I handle this.. He castled up, and tried to pick my monsters out with shooting. I rolled the right wave and well.. it was a harvest. The tanks popped to my bolts and multicharges, and terminators were crushed (or should I say Crusher'd). After the 5th turn he had only 1 razorback with 5 initiates inside. The game ended, and kp's were 13-4. Devastating, and 20-0 win for the Demons.

..Vici. Chiching, 50e. So, I was like Banelings, Banelings Banelings oooooo ooo.. (check the previous post) -Toni

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