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Monday, 13 December 2010

Tactics: The Necron Slide


Hi guys,
took some pictures at the tourney I was at this past Saturday, and I promise some more painting and modelling related stuff soon, but here is another tactic that I have learned to employ on my Necrons. Fritz over at WOSH originally came up with the name ''Necron slide' for this strategy.

The idea is, that when you remove models from your unit, you remove them from the back, and once you pass WBB saves, you move them to the front. In essence, this gives you some extra inches of movement, but more importantly, I have found, it can be used to 'enhance' the range of their gauss flayers.

In the picture above, I was playing an IG player a couple of weeks back, and he had a nasty leman russ executioner looming over my warriors. I placed the newly risen warriors into the front of the unit and was able to 'creep' into range of the executioner and start suppressing it on turn 2.

Since opponents often try and go for phase out, and thus pour lots of firepower at your warriors, this tactic actually works. First turn move+run and the Necron Slide will most likely bring you up into very good firing positions by turn 2.

Necrons have so many cool rules and tactics, starting from the grand illusion and ending in a well placed scarab contest at the end of the game, and I love playing with them. Hopefully some of you have found this concept useful.

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