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Thursday, 9 December 2010

How to arm your assault terminators?

Hi guys,
I've been toying around with a dual rock list from the vanilla marine dex for a tournament this Saturday, and naturally I've also been looking into the right combination of weapons to use on my assault terminators. I personally don't see the use in lightning claws.

Lightning claws give you a marginally better chance of causing wounds on t4, even more on t3, but I find that the decreased survivability just isn't worth it. There is a reason why BA have to pay an extra 5 points to get TH/SS. In my opinion, the slightly larger offensive output brought by adding 1 or 2 lightning claws into the mix isn't going to swing the tide. However loosing termies because you don't have a 3+ invul is going to seriously hurt a 5-man squad.

Lightning claws do strike in initiative order, which is especially great for BA who can get furious charge, but in order to make use of that you have to either charge straight from the land raider, or not charge into cover. So there are easily times in which the extra initiative won't help you out at all. Ofcourse, I use godhammer land raiders in my dual rock, since they have transport capacity 12 in the vanilla dex, but even with frag launchers I would think twice about the relevance of striking in initiative order.

Finally we come to the fact that a single lightning claw allows you to stack those ap1-2 shots on only one model. Still, when you think about it, a storm shield termie should only die to 3 invul saves, and often you would have actually preserved the unit further by giving the wounds to storm shields. Flipping it around having 4 storm shield termies adds protection to your lightning claws and helps migitate the absence of a 3+ invul, but assault termies are meant to get into the thick of it, and these battles of attrition often come down to the last few models.

That pretty much brings me back to my first paragraph. I believe that assault termies (with the new storm shield variant) are best equipped with pure TH/SS. A 5-man squad doesn't need a slight increase in damage output, it needs to survive as long as possible to make up for it's small squad size. Feel free to express your opinion though. I am in no way always right, and I appreciate feed back.

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