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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Eldar Corsairs? New DE colour scheme


Today, I found myself fiddling around with a possible different colour scheme for my eldar. The current scheme is good imo, but I wanted something that would really pop on the battlefield, and I've been thinking about learning to paint tanks with my airbrush. I came across the idea of painting an eldar corsair fleet. It would also better justify the venom conversions that I did before the models came out. Here's my test model. I'm gonna paint up a warrior squad and a ravager and then report back to you with the findings. The flash messes the model a little, but the picture should give you guys and idea of what the model looks like. The main colour is close to ice blue. The layers are hawk torquise, ice blue, astronomician grey and skull white. Feel free to comment.


  1. Not bad not bad. I like it =)
    But I do think the gun should be different colour than the armour.

  2. Hey, thx for the comment. I've been thinking about a different colour for the gun aswell, I'm just not sure what it should be, as I don't want the gun to form a focal point on the model.

  3. Yea, a right tone of grey would probably work best. For now, I'm in a rush to repaint these anyway, so I'll keep the guns blue for the tournament, and work on them after that.


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