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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Baron+Incubi, Is there synergy?


I don't think you've seen my baron yet? There he is, hanging out with the incubi. I feel kinda funny for not thinking of this before, but the baron works well with incubi. The baron is a good addition to any DE army, because it gives you a higher chance of deciding who starts the game. However, it's good to also make use of the baron on the table. Hellions are ok, but I personally don't like them (expensive, not a true cc unit, rather a midfield shooty unit). Incubi work pretty well. They get stealth to make them a little more survivable (although they already have 3+ against small arms fire). More importantly, however, the baron gives ld buff, grenades all around and can block out power fists or power weapons with his shadowfield. Worth giving it a spin.


  1. It does make sense for all the buffs you get, but wouldn't it be painful to watch them walk accross the table, where the rest of your army is hitting grinding steel by turn 1 or 2? It could work but needs a list built araund it.

  2. I imagine the incubi would be in a transport, and the baron would deploy with some other unit or alone. On t1 the incubi would move 12"+disembark from their ride and the baron would link up. They then run. T2 you should be pretty close to the enemy. Thx for commenting.

  3. Yea that's another good idea. Thx for dropping by!

  4. I've thought about the same thing... have the Barron run along behind the raider charring the Incubi. The only problem is if you want to go flat out with the Incubi, they leave the Barron behind.

    As stated, you trade an Archon @ 155 for a 105 HQ who trades an Agonizer for S6 on the charge, stealth, and +1 for deployment. Still has shadow field.

    I was actually thinking of putting Barron in with some Scourges since he works well with them. Then, once it's time for the Incubi to charge, he can jump over and join in the fun.


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