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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Inquisition codices being killed?

I myself have some radical inquisition forces and a couple of sister models, but what really worries me is wether pure inquisition armies will still be playable.

I have the codex: catachans and it's starting to look a lot like the Inquisition codices will be joining it in the '' first PDF.... then gone'' -corner. Yes GW has promised Codex: Grey knights and Sisters of battle, but I want private guard and daemon hosts. Will Games Workshop be offering a way to make radical forces in the coming books.

What do you guys think is going to happen to pure Inquisition armies


  1. Hey, I just found this post of yours.. I have this feeling that Inquisition forces as well as dark eldar are left behind because they do not generate enough cash for the GW.. They are just keep recycling the ones that are commercialy viable, i.e., SM, CSM, SW, Tau etc..
    I know it doesn't feel right in many ways, but the Ultramarines are the money pot for GW, their brand icon if you like. People can recognise them, whereas Inquisition forces are more hardcore oriented for the "few" that dwell deep in the W40K universe and fluff.

  2. Hey, thx for the comment. Thats true. I guess there are specialist games like inquisitor where I can still dwell deeper into the radical inquisitorial stuff, but it's still a pity.


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