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Monday, 11 March 2013

1850 Tau/Orks list for upcoming tournament

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So the Turku Kevät Fanatic is coming up. Lists had to be submitted last wednesday. Forge World "40k approved" units are allowed, but I didn't take them :D. This is what I'm bringing. No idea how it's gonna work out.

Ethereal with hardwired blacksun filter
Shasel with advanced stabilisation systems, positional relay, targetting array
6 Fire warriors
19 Kroot Carnivores, 11 Kroot Hounds
3 Broadsides with black sun filters
3 Broadsides with black sun filters
13 Lootas
30 Shoota Boys with 3 big shootas
30 Shoota Boys with 3 big shootas
Dakkajet with extra supashoota
Aegis with icarus

Friday, 8 March 2013

New Releases arriving late at FLGS

Once again I've been awefully quite but now I am back to report on an issue that has been bugging me lately. I wasn't that interested in the new Daemons release but my friend had been anticipating it and reserved the codex beforehand. Unfortunately, the store owner called him on friday before the release that the daemons package wouldn't be arriving until the following week.

My friend was naturally a little let down. He had hoped to get to read the new codex, judge it himself but now he would have to resort to reading stuff on the web until he got his own copy. He even said to me he was considering buying it from a different store. On the other hand, I'm very sorry for the FLGS, who has absolutely no control over when the stuff arrives. They are potentially losing customers.

I've been told that new release sales are where the big money is at. This certainly means that missing that release that is very bad news for a business. So in essence, the game store suffers and the loyal customers suffer. All of this because GW wants to send in the stuff as late as possible to avoid leaks and increase the hype. It's no use increasing the hype if the stuff is not there (well, GW Helsinki was probably fully stocked on that stuff). This is not a one off incident. The same has happened with a number of GW releases in a row. I don't know who's at fault here, but clearly it's not just bad luck. Should the FLGS ask GW to send them a couple days earlier? Should GW send the stuff with a more achievable timetable? Am I just asking for too much?

I don't know if this is just an isolated issue, but I feel very sorry for Hese and Tapiolan Pelikauppa.

Oh look, the first time I've labeled an article a rant
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