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Monday, 29 July 2013

Ropecon 2013 tournament

 photo con6.jpg

 This weekend's 4-round tournament is behind us and I snatched a couple of pictures from it. Here's a brief recap. I played my sm/tau. Attack bikes, some ordnance, a broadside bomb with ninja commander and a riptide.

 photo con1.jpg

Round 1 was against a fairly new player. He was playing tau with some deep striking crisis suits, a riptide, longstrike and a lot of fire warriors. We were playing Big guns never tire and he got first turn. It ended on t5, he had his suit commander left. 13-0 victory.

 photo con2.jpg

Round 2 was against Roni. He had just whooped our Captain's nids with his Crons. Double wraiths with d-lords, 4 scyhtes, 2 a-barges, bastion and some immortals to camp the comms. We were playing purge the alien with vanguard strike. Turkhey shoot, although he got first turn. My broadsides picked a target and destroyed it. T1 it was slay the warlord, first blood and 2 killpoints from one wraith squad. Then the second squad, 2 scythes, a-barges and the last scythes. The deployment allowed me to just shoot everything. I think I won 11-5.

 photo con3.jpg

 photo con4.jpg

Round 3 was against ovv and his Tau. Suit commander with crisis suits forming a markerlight/ignores covers squad, broadsides in bastion, 2 skyrays, 2 riptides, 2 devilfish but very light on troops. It was emperor's will and relic. He won the roll of to go first and I was back to camping in a corner :D. T1 he got one attack bike squad (broadsides were out of markerlight and thus ignores cover range). I reacted by destroying both devilfish and all but 1 of the 12 fire warriors inside. Next ovv would shoot my broadsides and riptide but I would react by killing the fire warriors ontop of his bastion (suit commander + hb attack bikes ftw). The most epic moment was when my multimeltas exploded his bastion, killing the broadsides inside!!!! I had been very slow with my deployment and the game ended on t4. I should have checked ranges to the objectives the turn before but since I hadn't I didn't make it to either of the emperor's will markers. Tau win with first blood 2-1.

 photo con7.jpg

Final round was against Antti and his Necrons. Crusade with 5 objectives was the worst mission for me. Antti played it very well, giving me little targets until t4 when his flyers came on and nuked my troops. Silly me was too preoccupied with keeping my characters in the broadside bomb, fearing the wraith, when they should have been tanking/giving ld to my troops. My large kroots also came on the wrong side of the board despite rerolls and were left in the breeze behing Antti's entire army (the game had turned from vanguard strike into hammer and anvil at some point). When I contested objectives on t5, I had to shoot one warrior squad off of an objective. Cryptek stood back up and the game was a tie. Secondaries for me, one objective for Antti, 3-3.

 photo con8.jpg

So overall I came in at 10/38. Still alright but I'm kinda dissappointed with the mistakes I made day 2. Not to take anything away from my opponents, but I shouldn't be making careless mistakes. Ofcourse 2 tight games and 2 major victories would have been better at a battlepoint event or the etc. Ropecon had victory points as a tie breaker but was WDL.

Finally, our team's necron player, Frenzy, had worked up his space sharks for ropecon and they were looking great. Had to use a flash so it doesn't give credit to the painting, but look at that display board!

 photo con5.jpg 

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