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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Ruin corners, CC threat ranges and LOS

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Just a quicky on a pretty fundamental change in 6th. You need line of sight to declare a charge. In certain instances this can have a dramatic impact. Utilising losblock with your assault units not only blocks you from shooting, but also from other charges. Jabbdo was toying around with scarabs behind a defence line at one point. Can't charge them 'cause you can't see them. Ultimate bubble wrap. Turned out it wasn't quite that simple. None the less, things like the corners of ruins (without windows) are perfect for counter attack units. This distorts threat ranges, possibly turning a stand off in your favour. In 5th, placing units inside terrain had a similar kind of impact (and charging through difficult terrain is even more brutal nowadays) but not being able to charge units behind walls or around a hill is even better. beasts/cavalry and wraiths that are the go to fast cc units of 6th might ignore terrain, but they don't ignore the requirements for los.

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