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Monday, 13 February 2012

Space Wolf Dreadnought


Painted this bad boy for my space wolves, as an alternative for lone wolves (I have a second dread undercoated). I decided to use the furioso dread for this one and the venerable dread for the second one, because the BA blood talons are very similar to the DCCWs on the old SW ven. dread model. The second wip dread also got talons for his DCCW hand. The weapon system is a counts as twin-linked autocannon (although it only has one barrel). I decided to pick this setup because the twin-linked autocannon is a nice and diverse weapon (including a good range) and I wanted to keep the DCCW for counter assault/tarpitting duty. I played a game with the Dreads against Miika. He has a blog of his own, and here is the link to a battle report he put up of our game (I lost btw).

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