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Friday, 14 January 2011

New FAQs for BT and DA. Oh dear...


So, good news. BT and DA got new FAQs bringing their wargear inline with the new codices. Bad news. You are gonna have to tear off all the assault cannons on your termies and replace them with cyclones.

Getting 20 str9 shots a turn is possible at 1750pts. , and I will certainly try it with my BT termie spam, although you are still left with 15 scoring marines. DA on the other hand don't need those scoring marines, and with new SS and cyclones they are deadly. I was thinking of something like this

Libby in TDA
1X 5 thss termies, banner, apothecary, cyclone
5x 5 thss termies, cyclone

It is great that we have 2 new contenders for the tournament scene.


  1. I was thinking something more like :

    Belial, Thunder Hammer + Storm Shield
    Librarian, Terminator Armour, Combi-Melta
    Deatwing Squad, Apothecary, Banner, 4 TH/SS, CML, Chainfist
    3 x Deathwing Squad, TH/SS, CML, Chainfist
    2 x Landspeeder, Multimelta, Typhoon ML
    2 x Landspeeder, Multimelta, Typhoon ML
    2 x Landspeeder, Multimelta, Typhoon ML

    for 1750 points

    Typhoons are now only 75 points so great value for 2 ML shots and one MM shot. So this lists can have 20 ML shots every turn. Not too bad.

  2. True, those cheap Typhoons are crazy! Thx for bringing that up.

  3. Cheers! You can even scrap the Libby and take 2 more Typhoons instead. But I think he is useful too. Save one lascannon shot easily (just pass a Ld check on a 10) or use that template against hordes. And of course you got the psychic defense which can be very useful.


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